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Active Directory Federation Services
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Securing Files on IIS barcode
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can per form the following tasks:
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If all DCs in a domain are GC servers which indeed is a best practices recommendation that will be discussed in 11, Sites and Replication you do not need to worry about which DC is the infrastructure master. When all DCs are GCs, all DCs have up-to-date information about every object in the forest, which eliminates the need for the infrastructure master role.
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' VB ' Create a new Command object
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User Properties on the First Page of the New Object User Dialog Box
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for a full list of Microsoft certifications, go to default.asp.
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Lesson 1: Monitoring Access to Shared Folders
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This objective focuses on configuring connectivity for Internet Explorer, configuring security and privacy settings, and troubleshooting problems within the program. As a DST, you need to understand the different configuration options available in Internet Explorer to support your users effectively. Service Pack 2 changes many aspects of Internet Explorer. You must understand these changes, and know how to configure and troubleshoot Internet Explorer on systems with or without Service Pack 2 installed. You configure and customize Internet Explorer by using the Internet Options dialog box, which includes a variety of tabs related to specific categories of settings. To answer the questions in this objective, you should know how to configure general Internet Explorer settings, configure security and privacy settings, and resolve connec tivity issues.
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Integrating Domain Name System with AD DS
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Applying this filter to the application log results in the event list shown in Figure 9-31.
Figure 2-21 An interface added to the model.
User Accounts
CREATE LOGIN TriggerTest WITH PASSWORD = '<InsertStrongPasswordHere>' GO
Exam Tip
Lesson 2: Performing a Code Review
Before You Begin
When you are defining merge replication, the wizard adds a tab to the Article Properties dialog box that you can use to configure the conflict resolver, as shown in Figure 19-16.
SELECT SalesOrderID ,CustomerId ,OrderDate FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader WHERE OrderDate = '20080818';
After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Counter % Processor Time Description The percent of time that the processor is processing information (processing a nonidle thread). This counter is the primary indicator of processor activ ity. Sustained values over 80 percent indicate a potential processor bottleneck. The average rate per second that the process han dles interrupt requests from applications and hardware devices. This counter indicates the activity of the devices in a computer that uses interrupts. When a computer is idle, values average around 100. Averages in excess of 300 indicate a potential problem. Number of threads in the processor queue, waiting to be processed. This counter is a true indicator of processor efficiency. If this counter averages two or more, it indicates that the processor cannot keep up with the number of requests for processing and has become a bottleneck. Rate at which the processor is switched from one thread to another. If this value is high (that is, more than 500), you may have an inefficient application that uses too many threads or a problem with a device driver. The percent of processor time used by all the threads of a particular process.
After this lesson, you will be able to
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