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Never This option causes Internet Explorer to never check for updated versions of the page unless you manually refresh the page.
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Exercise 2: Reviewing the Access and Network Rules Created by the Edge Firewall Template
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If you use the ReadEventLog method just referenced in the previous section after calling ClearEventLog, you should see no log entries. If you see any entries other than entries that might have been written by another piece of code in the interim something has failed.
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The keywords FORMSOF, INFLECTIONAL, and THESAURUS allow matches on variants of a search term. INFLECTIONAL causes the search to consider word stems in a search. For example, searching for the word drive will also produce matches on drove , driven , driving , and so on. By specifying the use of a THESAURUS, the query processor also returns synonyms as matches for the search term. For example, metal also returns results for gold , aluminum , steel , and so on. Examples of each of these queries are as follows:
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BACKUP DATABASE <database name> FILEGROUP = <filegroup name> TO DISK = <directory>\<filen ame>
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Now that you are bound to the instance, you can create and manage objects within the instance. Use the following procedure: 1. Right-click the application partition distinguished name, select New, and choose Object. This opens the Create Object dialog box, which lists all the available object classes in the instance s schema. 2. Begin by creating a user group. Scroll to the Group object, select it, and then click Next. 3. Type the name of the group, for example, AD LDS Users, and then click Next. 4. On the next screen of the dialog box, you can click More Attributes to assign more values to this new object. For example, you can assign a description to the group. From the Select A Property To View drop-down list, select adminDescription. Type a description in the Edit Attribute field, for example, Group to contain AD LDS users, click Set, and then click OK. 5. Click Finish to create the group. By default, this creates a security group. 6. Now create a user. Right-click the application partition distinguished name, select New, and then choose Object. 7. Scroll to the User object, select it, and then click Next. 8. Type the name of the user, and then click Next.
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3. You want to implement ReadyBoost on a laptop computer with 750 MB of RAM. You have four new USB flash memory devices of different capacities. You intend to use the full capacity of the device you choose. According to Microsoft guidelines, which of the following devices can you use for this purpose (Choose all that apply.) A. 256 MB flash memory B. 512 MB flash memory C. 1 GB flash memory D. 2 GB flash memory 4. You want to reconfigure virtual memory settings on a computer. You already have the Performance Information And Tools dialog box open on the desktop. You want to use the quickest method of accessing the Virtual Memory dialog box. What do you click next A. Adjust Visual Effects B. Adjust Indexing Options C. Adjust Power Settings D. Advanced Tools 5. Two weeks ago, Windows Vista encountered a problem that caused a data analysis program to hang. Although you automatically send information about such events to Microsoft, you received no solution to this problem. Tomorrow you intend to use this program again. How can you quickly check whether a solution has been found in the meantime A. On the Start menu, select Windows Update. In the Windows Update dialog box, click View Update History. B. In Control Panel, select System And Maintenance. In the System And Maintenance dialog box, under Problem Reports And Solutions, click Check For New Solutions. C. On the Start menu, select Windows Update. In the Windows Update dialog box, click Restore Hidden Updates. D. In Control Panel, select System And Maintenance. In the System And Maintenance dialog box, under Problem Reports And Solutions, click View Problem History.
Lesson 2: Making Implicit Constraints Explicit
Package Protection Levels
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Windows 7 starts the staging process by searching for a matching driver package in folders specified by the DevicePath registry entry. You learn how to configure Windows 7 to search additional folders for device drivers in the practice session later in this lesson. If a suitable driver is not found, Windows 7 searches the Windows Update Web site. Finally, the user is prompted to insert installation media. If a driver is found, the operating system checks that the user has permission to place the driver package in the driver store. The user must have administrator credentials or computer policy must be set to allow standard users to install the identified device. Windows 7 then checks that the driver package has a valid digital signature. If the driver package is unsigned or signed by a certificate not found in the Trusted Publishers store, Windows 7 prompts the user for confirmation. If the driver is approved by an authorized user, the operating system places a copy of the driver package in the driver store and installation continues. Windows performs all the required security checks during staging, including the verification of administrator rights and the validation of digital signatures. After a driver package has been successfully staged, any user that logs on to that computer can install the drivers in the driver store by simply plugging in the appropriate device. There are no prompts, and no special permissions are required. Quick Check You have four devices plugged into an unpowered USB hub. You have a powered hub with an empty slot and decide you could improve hardware performance by transferring one device from the first hub to the second. How to you determine which of the devices on the unpowered hub consumes the most power Quick Check Answer Double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers, in Device Manager. Right-click the unpowered USB hub and choose Properties. On the Power tab, view the power required by each device in the Attached Devices list. Note MORE INFO: THE DRIVER STORE AND THE STAGING PROCESS For more information about the driver store and the staging process, see This is a Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista reference, but it also applies to Windows 7. Installing a Non-PnP Device If a device is non-PnP (for example an older device), your logged-in account needs to have administrator credentials for you to install it. If the device comes with installation media, Microsoft recommends you insert that media and use the installation software it contains. Typically, you do this before you plug in the device. Otherwise, open Device Manager, right-click the computer name at the root of the tree in the details pane, and click Add Legacy Hardware. This starts the Add Hardware Wizard shown in Figure 4-8.
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Setting attributes on an assembly is only part of the job. You also need to be able to get the attributes for an assembly. The main way you can get the attributes is by calling the GetCustomAttributes method on the Assembly class. This method is part of the ICustomAttributeProvider interface. The ICustomAttributeProvider interface is used to find what types of objects provide custom attributes. Because of this, the GetCustomAttribute allows for a Boolean value to indicate whether to get inherited attributes. As you will see in Lesson 3, this is a very useful idea. But because GetCustomAttributes is on the Assembly class, the .NET Framework completely ignores the Boolean value. (There is no inheritance tree for assemblies.) You can call the GetCustomAttributes method to get all the attributes on the assembly, like so:
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) tool allows you to scan client computers to determine if they have all currently available software updates installed. This tool allows administrators in environments that do not use a central update solution like WSUS to locate client computers that are not up to date with security updates. If you do not use a utility like the MBSA tool, you need to access Windows Update on each computer to determine whether a particular computer has all updates installed. The MBSA tool is important in the latter stages of an operating system's life cycle. This is because more updates are available for an operating system the longer that operating system is available, and it becomes increasingly time consuming to determine if a particular update is missing. As Figure 12-17 shows, the MBSA tool can check a computer for updates based on Microsoft Update, or can scan a computer based on updates that were approved on a WSUS server. You can also use the MBSA tool to determine if there are problems with a computer's security configuration, such as whether common administrative vulnerabilities are present and weak passwords are set. You can use the MBSA tool to scan servers as well as clients, so it is possible to check for other vulnerabilities, such as those that are present in Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server. To scan a computer, you need to have administrator access on the local computer and administrator access on any remote computer that you are scanning. This requirement ensures that you cannot use the MBSA tool as an attack tool to scan other people's computers to determine which vulnerabilities they may possess. You cannot use version 2.1 and earlier of the MBSA tool to scan computers running Windows 7. Note MORE INFO: MBSA To get more information about the MBSA, consult the following Microsoft TechNet Web page:
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