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Assigning Dimensions to Cubes
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hyper-v A role service that you can run only on x64 versions of Windows Server 2008. Hyper-V is the platform most commonly used to host virtual machines on networks in which third-party virtualization host solutions have not been deployed.
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support for volumes that span multiple disks. Dynamic disks use a hidden database to track information about dynamic volumes on the disk and other dynamic disks in the computer. You convert basic disks to dynamic by using the Disk Man agement snap-in or the DiskPart command-line utility. When you convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk, all existing basic volumes become dynamic volumes. Note that whether a disk is basic or dynamic has no bearing on whether computers run ning other operating systems can connect to shared folders on the disk. logical drive A disk storage area that you create within an extended partition on a basic Master Boot Record (MBR) disk. Logical drives are similar to primary parti tions, except that you can create an unlimited number of logical drives per disk. A logical drive can be formatted and assigned a drive letter. partitioning The process of dividing a physical disk into logical sections that func tion as if they are physically separate disks. After you create a partition, you must format it and assign it a drive letter before you can store data on it.
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An alternate suff ix cannot be used in an e-mail address policy unless it has previously been conf igured as an accepted domain for the Exchange organization.
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Specifies how data should be encoded. This attribute is applica ble when the header is used to handle authentication requests.
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Backing Up Data
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The Specify Query Criteria page, shown in Figure 8-22, displays a summary of the query statistics and lets you specify a query filter if you want to include a subset of the logged queries. For example, if you want to filter the queries by date, you can specify a beginning date and an ending date. Or if you want to include queries based on their frequency, use the Most Frequent Queries filter option.
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Lesson 1: Diagnosing Database Failures
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Remote objects must be deployed to both the server that hosts them as well as to each client that references them. Servers must reference a copy of a remote object so that the server can call methods contained in the remote object when requests are made by client applications. Client applications must reference a copy of a remote object so that the client code can compile. Deploying a copy of a remote object with the server that hosts the remote object is a simple process. As described earlier, when a reference to the remote object is added to the server, a copy of the remote object is copied to the bin subfolder of the server. When the server is deployed, the copy of the remote object is deployed as well. However, deploying a remote object to each client requires a bit more forethought.
Flag Values for Implicit Mapping in OPENXML
Some news aggregators can register to Clouds. Clouds is a web service, introduced in 2000, that notifies the aggregator of updates to a feed and eliminates the need for periodic polling. In theory, this approach should provide a more efficient use of bandwidth. In practice, the overhead associated with registration can mean no net bandwidth saving. Clouds also introduces issues of scalability and a single point of failure. You need to be aware that this service exists, but IE7+ does not implement it.
5. In the Designer, set the Form2.Localizable property to True and set the Language property to German (Germany). 6. Set the Text properties of Label2 and Label4 as follows: Label Label2 Label4 Text Property Value W hrung-Format
SELECT soh.CustomerID ,SUM(sod.OrderQty * sod.UnitPrice) AS TotalPurchases
Further Reading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-5
5. Click Cancel. 6. Close Disk Cleanup and all open windows.
Lesson 6: Configuring Encryption
Selecting the trace template called Tuning (refer to Figure 15-1) causes a default selection of events and data columns, as Figure 15-2 shows. You can then add other events and select additional data columns. To access all the events that you can define, you can select the Show All Events check box. To display all the columns that you can capture, you can select the Show All Columns check box.
8. Add the code to create a log file called SalesLog:
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Return Me._lastName
Lesson 2
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