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The User State Migration Tool can be completely automated by creating a migration rule. Windows Easy Transfer requires a significant amount of user interaction. This means that the User State Migration Tool can be used to automate large deployments.
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Query notifications is a new feature available with SQL Server 2005. It is available through the SQL Native Client provider. Query notifications allows applications to be notified when certain data has changed. Therefore, applications only need to refresh DataSets when the data is different and not every time the page is requested. This is particularly useful when establishing a caching strategy because you can control precisely when the cache is refreshed based on an actual need and not just when the cache expires. The notifications are available because SQL Servers Service Broker is continually polling the server looking for updates. When the notification is established, a time-out period is assigned, and the notification stays active until that period has elapsed. You can cancel the notification prior to the time-out period by executing a notification using the same query but with a timeout period of zero. To establish a query notification, you must first create a queue and a service. This can be accomplished with the following Transact-SQL code:
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Figure 6-4 Configuring a cache drive
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Although the simplest way to view errors is through the Log File Viewer, it is also possible to retrieve errors using queries. The sys.messages catalog view contains all system and user-defined error messages. It is therefore possible to query sys.messages to return a list of error messages. The following query finds all error messages that have English text (1033):
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Users, groups, and computers are the key objects in the Active Directory directory service because they allow workers, their managers, system administrators any one using a computer on the network to establish their identity on the network as a security principal. Without this identification, personnel cannot gain access to the computers, applications, and data needed to do their daily work. Although it is true that the minimal identification required is that of a user and computer, management of individual user security principals becomes needlessly compli cated unless users are organized into groups. Assigning permissions to hundreds of users individually is not scalable; wise use of groups makes the process of cre ating and administering permissions much easier. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has two types of groups, each with three distinct scopes. Understanding the constructions of these groups within the correct scope ensures the best use of administrative resources when creating, assigning, and managing access to resources. The possibilities of group construction also depend on whether the domain or forest in which they are created is running in the Windows Server 2003 mixed, interim, or native domain functional level. Windows Server 2003 comes with several groups already created, or built-in. You can create as many additional groups as you need. Lessons in this :
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Web Site Configuration Options
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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Requirements
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Lesson 1: Supporting Local User Accounts and Groups
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To learn more about domains and Active Directory, visit /technet, select Products & Technologies, and select Windows Server 2003 or Active Directory.
Lesson 1
Practice 1: Connecting Object Explorer and Registering a Server
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Replication Monitor displays information about Publishers on the three following tabs:
Lab: Handling Database Connection Errors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 232
Restoring Databases When SQL Server Is Offline
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