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To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
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// C# public delegate void SetTextDelegate(string t);
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There are two primary ways to create unit tests for your project: automatically generated and manually crafted. Each method has its advantages in a particular situation. It is important to base your decision on how you will employ one of these methods in a disciplined approach. This will ensure that your team builds a full set of tests for your application. Let s take a look at each option.
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Extending Microsoft SQL Server Functionality with the Spatial, Full-Text Search, and Service Broker
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Device Manager Tasks (Continued)
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Now that all the properties related to columns that are used to define the structure of a table have been discussed, you are ready to actually create a table. You can cre ate three different types of tables in SQL Server: permanent, temporary, and table variables.
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Public Methods That Are Part of the ChannelServices Class generate data matrix code
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AdventureWorksDB db = new AdventureWorksDB();
To create a GPO containing settings in the Advanced Audit Policy Configuration container, you must run GPMC on a computer running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, and the computer must be targeting a domain controller running Windows Server 2008 R2. However, after you create the GPO, any domain controller can deploy it, so you do not have to have all Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controllers on your network. If you have workstations running operating systems other than Windows 7, you must make sure that only the Windows 7 computers receive the GPO containing the Advanced Audit Policy Configuration settings. This means that you must put the Windows 7 computers in a separate OU or use filtering to prevent other operating systems from receiving the GPO.
Patient ID: 001 :: John Doe :: 123 Main Street :: Someplace, AZ 85000 01/12/2001; Diagnosis: cold | Treatment: take 2 and call me in the morning. 03/04/2005; Diagnosis: broken toe | Treatment: nothing.
You can select each of the folders that you want to restore in turn and click Add Folder. You need to return to the Browse The Backup For Folders Or Drives page for each folder you want to restore. When you have finished specifying folders, your Restore Files Wizard page should look similar to Figure 14-25. Note SPECIFYING FILES If you want to specify a file in addition to (or instead of) the folders you are restoring, click Browse For Files rather than Browse For Folders. You can specify both files and folders in a restore.
<add verb="*" path=".vsdicso" type="System.Web.Services.Discovery.DiscoveryRequestHandler,System.Web.Services, Version=1.0.3300.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" validate="false"/>
Lab: Common Validation Scenarios
Private pwd As String = Nothing
You should have used the PasswordDeriveBytes class to generate the encryption key based on the password value passed by the calling application. Although the salt value does not necessarily need to be static, it does need to be the same for the encryption and decryption functions. Therefore, a static salt value is the best choice. You need a key of a specific length to match the algorithm s key length requirement. The SymmetricAlgorithm class reports the key length in bits, whereas the PasswordDeriveBytes.GetBytes method accepts a number of bytes as a parameter. Therefore, you must divide the SymmetricAlgorithm.KeySize property by 8. Although your answer will vary, the following code would work, assuming that you created the SymmetricAlgorithm object with the name myAlg, and the PasswordDeriveBytes object with the name passwordKey:
Lesson 1: Implementing Spatial Data Types
Create a new SQL Server database and then create a DataSet and DataTable object based on this new database.
figure 4-5 The DTExecUI tool uses property pages to group the command parameters.
Name = ResultsTextBox MultiLine = True ScrollBars = Both Name = ExecuteSqlButton Text = Execute SQL Name = ExecuteSprocButton Text = Execute Sproc Name = CreateTableButton Text = Create Table
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