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Security and subscriptions are just two of the components that you need to consider when defining management properties for SSRS. Another important component is report execution, which includes caching and snapshots. Understanding the way a report is executed inside SSRS will help you make decisions about the specific method you will use and will help you be aware of the impact that decision will have on your system performance. Report execution includes defining how the report source data is handled and what Reporting Services should do with the data after the report is rendered.
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System Information shows details about hardware configuration, computer components, and software, including drivers. (You open System Information by clicking Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then System Information.) As shown in Figure 11-26, System Information lists categories in the left pane and details about each category in the right pane. The categories include the following:
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"VB " Mark the COM+ application as queued at compile time by using the " ApplicationQueuing attribute. Enable the COM+ listener by " setting the QueueListenerEnabled to true <assembly: ApplicationQueuing(Enabled := true, _ QueueListenerEnabled := true)> //C# // Mark the COM+ application as queued at compile time by using the // ApplicationQueuing attribute. Enable the COM+ listener by // setting the QueueListenerEnabled to true [assembly: ApplicationQueuing(Enabled = true, QueueListenerEnabled = true)]
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JoinDomain=domain_name DomainAdmin=domain_administrator_name DomainAdminPassword=domain_administrator_password DomainAdminDomain=domain_administrator_domain SkipDomainMembership=YES
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Troubleshooting Lab
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You need to modify the configuration of a service from Safe Mode With Command
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In this exercise, you send a variety of e-mail messages by using the different options of the sp_send_dbmail command.
Manage Local, Roaming, and Mandatory User Profiles
UAC, by default, gives a user the option of elevating his or her privileges in order to perform an administrator task. A standard user needs to supply the password of an administrator account. An administrator needs only to give the program permission to continue. When the task is complete, the user account reverts to running as a standard account. As Figure 5-7 shows, four types of user accounts exist: the built-in Administrator account, administrator accounts, standard accounts, and the built-in Guest account.
Patient newPatient = new Patient();
Select the Enable Hibernate check box and then click OK. Click the Close button.
Your first task is to identify the physical locations of the various departments, divisions, or functions in a company. From a networking perspective, one of the biggest ongoing expenses is the connection between physical locations. A wide area network (WAN) link between cities, for example, not only has a lower bandwidth capacity than local area network (LAN) connections, but also is relatively expensive to boot. One of your first design goals, therefore, will be to reduce (or at least control the timing of) network traffic flowing across WAN links. The larger the geographic scope of the network, the more important this goal becomes.
Retrieve data by using a DataReader object. Build SQL commands in Server Explorer. Build SQL commands in code. Create parameters for a Command object. Perform database operations by using a Command object. Retrieve data from a database by using a Command object. Perform asynchronous operations by using a Command object. Perform bulk copy operations. Store and retrieve binary large object (BLOB) data types in a database. Perform transactions by using the Transaction object.
A method not commonly used for database upgrades is the manual method of scripting out the database, scripting the logins associated with that database, scripting all objects associated with that database, and scripting out any other supporting SQL Server objects associated with that database. After executing the script or scripts in the new instance, the DBA must manually move the data from the original database to the new database using Transact-SQL scripts, Data Transformation Services (DTS) or SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), BCP, or other methods available for moving data from one database to another. Most DBAs do not choose this mostly manual method to upgrade their databases because of the time and effort it involves. However, manually moving a database has the advantage of letting DBAs modify the database schema, clean up data, and filter the data they move to the upgraded databases.
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Answer the following questions. 1. The discovery of the security vulnerability has shaken your manager s confidence in you. What changes to your current development process can you suggest to prevent vulnerabilities from appearing in the future 2. How can you guarantee that no security vulnerability will occur in the future 3. Which of the following infrastructure components could prevent similar SQL injec tion attacks in the future (Choose the best answer.) a. A firewall in front of the database server b. IPSec encryption enabled between all clients and the database server c. IDS monitoring authentication attempts for password-cracking attacks d. None of the above 4. How can you use least privilege to reduce the likelihood of a similar exploit happening in the future 5. Which of the following secure in deployment principles would limit damage from similar SQL injection attacks in the future (Choose all that apply.) a. An efficient process for deploying updates b. An effective monitoring system that detects attempted break-ins c. Error messages that reveal no private information to potential attackers d. None of the above
Lesson 4: Designing a Strategy to Manage Data Across Linked Servers
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