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1. SMTP and NNTP components. 2. Hub Transport server role.
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HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MMC\ {7AF60DD3 4979 11D1 8A6C 00C04FC33566}\Restrict_Run
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Lesson 2: Customizing and Updating Images
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Selected files with the archive attribute set are backed up. The archive attribute is cleared. Selected files with the archive flag are transferred to the destination media, and the flag is cleared. If you perform an incremental backup one day after a normal backup has been performed, the job will contain only the files that were created or changed during that day. Similarly, if you perform an incremental backup one day after another incremental backup, the job will contain only the files that were created or changed during that day.
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Auditing Authentication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-42
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Correct Answers: C
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A and C are correct. A correctly describes the licensing agreement, and C correctly describes the operating systems on which the Office System can be installed. B is incorrect because the Office System can be installed on a computer running Windows 2000 (Service Pack 3). D is incorrect because all Microsoft Office editions can be installed on computers, no matter their network configuration.
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BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:) FILE_WRITE_DATA
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Create a policy file manually. Declare the set of policies in a policy file.
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This parameter specifies the minimum number of cases that must contain the itemset before a rule is generated. With lower minimum support and minimum probability, you get more rules. In this algorithm, the CLUSTER_COUNT parameter gives only an approximate number of clusters found. The algorithm adds additional clusters to this number if it finds distinguishable models. With this parameter, you inform the algorithm that you have periodical data. Periods are very typical for a time series. For example, if your time points are based on months, the same month repeats every twelfth time. With this parameter, you control the method used for training. Possible values are Auto-Regression Trees with Cross-Predict (ARTXP), ARIMA, or MIXED. The default is MIXED. This parameter specifies how the model should be mixed between ART and ARIMA algorithms to optimize forecasting. You can enter any value between 0 and 1 lower values favor ART and forecasting is optimized for fewer predictions, while higher values favor ARIMA and forecasting is optimized for more predictions.
1. In the following table, match the policy on the left with the appropriate security setting folder on the right.
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Lesson 2: Advanced Printer Configuration and Management
At the message level, specify that the message needs to be encrypted by setting UseEncryption to true. The following code shows a sample of how to set a queue to accept only encrypted messages and subsequently sends a message with UseEncryption set to true.
"If these calls were not marked as OneWay, we would never get to this
1. What determines the connection pool that a connection should use (Choose all that apply.) A. A connection string B. The identity or credentials of the user opening the connection C. The database being connected to D. The connection object used to connect to the database 2. What are the recommended techniques for enabling connection pooling on for a SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 database (Choose all that apply.) A. Setting the OLE DB Services connection string keyword to -4 B. Opening a connection and not explicitly disabling pooling C. Setting the connection string keyword Pooling = True in the connection string D. Using the Connection Pooling tab of the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box 3. How do I explicitly turn on connection pooling for an OLE DB data source A. By setting the OLE DB Services connection string keyword to 0 B. By setting the OLE DB Services connection string keyword to -4 C. By setting the OLE DB Services connection string keyword to -1 D. By setting the OLE DB Services connection string keyword to -7
The security log contains two more event categories, Audit Success and Audit Failure, that are used for auditing purposes. Event Viewer tracks information in several different logs. Windows logs include the following:
PPTP and L2TP create virtual direct connections between a VPN client and VPN remote-access server, or between two VPN gateways. This connection allows a computer connected over the virtual network to send and receive TCP/IP messages in the same way as it does on other directly connected networks, such as computers located on the same Ethernet local area network (LAN). The actual network connection is transparent to the applications running on the client computer. PPTP and L2TP use encryption protocols to ensure that the connection is private or secure by encrypting all traffic sent across a public network. PPTP uses the Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) protocol to protect data moving through the PPTP virtual networking connection. The L2TP/IPSec VPN protocol uses Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) to encrypt data moving through the L2TP virtual network.
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Enable-StorageGroupCopy This cmdlet is used to create a copy of a storage group in an LCR configuration. The mailbox database within the storage group must be copy enabled using Enable-DatabaseCopy. Once the Enable-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet is completed, a database copy will be seeded. It is possible to stop automatic seeding by using the SeedingPostponed parameter with the Enable-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet. Disable-StorageGroupCopy This cmdlet is used to remove an existing copy of a storage group and the associated mailbox database. Once the command completes, the storage group and database copy configuration are completed. Restore-StorageGroupCopy When used in an LCR configuration, Restore-StorageGroupCopy disables LCR and makes it possible for the passive copy to be mounted. Resume-StorageGroupCopy This cmdlet is used to resume replication for a specific storage group after it has been suspended using the Suspend-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet. Suspend-StorageGroupCopy This cmdlet is used to block replication and replay operations for a specific storage group. Update-StorageGroupCopy This cmdlet is used to initiate or resynchronize replication. This cmdlet differs from the Resume-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet in that it can be used on a corrupted database or on a database that has been backed up and does not have all log files present. Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus When executed in a command, this cmdlet returns the current replication status information about an LCR copy of a storage group.
Creating an account for Mark Hanson
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