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Hardware Events Internet Explorer Key Management Service Media Center A large number of Microsoft Windows logs Microsoft Office Diagnosis Microsoft Office Sessions Windows PowerShell
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Use the following questions to help determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next lesson. If you have difficulty answering these questions, review the material in this lesson before beginning the next lesson. You can find answers to these questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What is fragmentation and what problems does it cause
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Public Class OrderService
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You can use the WindowsPrincipal class to determine which groups a user is a member of. To query for built-in groups, pass to the WindowsPrincipal.IsInRole method a member of the System.Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltInRole class. Each member of the WindowsBuiltInRole class represents a built-in group that exists either within the computer s local user database, or within an Active Directory domain. Some of the roles won t exist at all, depending on the type of computer your assembly is running on. For example, the following code fragment always throws a System.ArgumentException when run on a Windows Server 2003 domain controller, because the Power Users group does not exist:
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Dim newRow8 As DataRow = DataSet1.Tables("Products").NewRow()
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Correct Answers: B, C, and E A. Incorrect: This will cause the Connectivity Verifier to attempt a connection to an HTTPS site rather than to a standard Web site using Port 80 through HTTP. B. Correct: The question states that the Web site is a server published to clients on the Internet, hence the Published Servers group type is more appropriate than the Web (Internet) group type. C. Correct: This check box needs to be checked so that the alert can be used to notify you. D. Incorrect: Changing this will not influence the functionality of the Connectivity Verifier because the ISA Server 2004 computer can resolve both host names. E. Correct: Sending a ping request only verifies that the server responds to Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). This could mean that the server is functioning, but that the Web site is shut down. Sending an HTTP GET Request ensures that the Web server is actually functioning.
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Keyboard Conventions
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Unboxing occurs if you assign a reference object to a value type. The following example demonstrates unboxing:
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Figure 12-24: Advanced Internet options SmartScreen Filter SmartScreen Filter is an Internet Explorer feature that blocks browsing to Web sites that are known to host malware or be related to phishing. Phishing is where criminals configure a Web site to look similar to one that a user regularly visits, such as a bank Web site, in an attempt to lure the user into providing authentication credentials. SmartScreen Filter works to protect users in the following ways:
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LOGINPROPERTY requires VIEW permission on the login. When requesting the password hash, it also requires CONTROL SERVER permission. IsLocked, IsExpired, and IsMustChange are of type int and return 1 if the login is in the specified state and 0 if it is not. BadPasswordCount is of type int. BadPasswordTime, HistoryLength, LockoutTime, and PasswordLastSetTime are of type datetime. PasswordHash is of type varbinary. If the login is not a valid SQL Server login, the function returns NULL. The following example checks whether SQL Server login tanjaplate is locked:
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Integrating ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server
SQL Server executes AFTER triggers after it performs the action in an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. You can specify AFTER triggers only on tables.
Lesson Summary
Using Network Monitor Triggers
When the wizard is completed, you must then browse to the Site Database/Computer Management/Operating System Deployment/Operating System Images folder and do the same thing to select distribution points for the operating system image you created with the task sequence.
A handheld device that has personal organization applications, such as e-mail, calendar, and contacts, and often functions as a cellular phone, fax sender, and Web browser.
SQL Server Storage Requirements
A companion CD and an evaluation software DVD are included with this training kit. The companion CD contains the following:
Lesson 5
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