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Orin Thomas RAM is usually the last thing you think of when trying to resolve a problem. If your computer passes its POST test, you usually figure that the source of the problem must be somewhere else. What most people don t realize is that the POST test performs only a basic RAM check and that problems that can cause a server to bluescreen won t necessarily be picked up by the POST RAM check. After having worked for 18 months without a problem, a server that I managed began to bluescreen. The frequency of the fault seemed random, usually once every 24 hours. The bluescreen message mentioned removing any new hardware that had been installed or any new drivers that had been updated. No new hardware had been added for almost a year, and the drivers had not been updated for a similar length of time. The only updates the computer had were the regular security updates. These updates hadn t caused problems on servers with identical hardware and software configurations, so I didn t think that was the problem. After pulling out various components such as network cards and the graphics adapter, but still having the computer bluescreen randomly once every 24 hours, I finally rebooted into a memory diagnostic application. This application performed a battery of tests on the server s RAM. After 45 minutes of watching the text-only application successfully perform almost all its tests, I was becoming convinced I d hit another dead end in my search for the cause of the problem. The final test, however, produced a series of errors indicating a problem with one of the sticks of RAM. I removed the troublesome stick and ran the battery of tests again, receiving no errors. I replaced the stick with a new one and restarted the server. From then on, the server functioned perfectly.
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Lesson 2: Using User Assistance Controls and Components
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Practice 1: Right-click a folder while in Explorer, and select the Sharing and Security option from the drop-down menu. You should know how to change the share name and assign permissions to the folder. You should also be aware that you can assign multiple share names to the same folder and assign the same or different permissions to each share name.
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You can use wildcards. For example, to select all messages from addresses in the domain, you could enter the following:
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D. Correct: In Windows Server 2003, by default, the Everyone group does not con
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Any one-way trusts linking to Windows NT 4.0 domains
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To view cumulative information about licensing and compliance, click the Products View tab. This tab shows how many licenses have been purchased and allocated to users or devices (in Per Device or Per User mode) or the number of licenses purchased for all servers in the site and the peak connections reached to date (in Per Server mode). You can also determine compliance using the licensing status symbols shown in Table 9-2.
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Scheduling shadow copies
named pipes
Exam Tip
Using Bluetooth
Log Shipping Failover
Run Performance Tools on the server you are troubleshooting.
The generic syntax for declaring a cursor is
How Effective Permissions Are Calculated When Multiple Sets of NTFS Permissions Are in Effect
SQLXML provides a managed API to execute queries against annotated XML schemas and XML views. Following the same object model as the ADO.NET classes, the API provides Command, DataAdapter, and Parameter classes that specialize in querying annotated XSD schemas. The SQLXML API is defined inside the Microsoft.Data.SqlXml dynamic-link library (DLL).
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