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Configuring System Settings
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Guidelines for Using Disk Quotas
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If a toolbar is enabled and the taskbar is locked, there will be no handle (the rows of dotted lines) in front of the toolbar area. If a toolbar is enabled and the taskbar is unlocked, the handle is visible, as shown in the figures in this chapter. You can reposition a toolbar or even move it off the taskbar entirely by dragging the handle when the taskbar is unlocked.
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Table 14-11 Builder Classes
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Although the tabs available in a device s Properties dialog box vary depending on the device, they usually include some of the tabs listed in Table 6-3.
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System Type System.Convert
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Objective 3.2
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1: Lesson Review Answers
Sorting and Filtering Data Using a DataView
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Lesson 3: Creating an Indexed View
Lesson Review
We ve noticed that when we run your application on our server it is not consuming much CPU time. Most of one CPU is taken up, but the other three CPUs are completely unused.
Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book. authorization policy claim claim set policy alternative policy assertion service authorization manager token authenticator WS-PolicyAssertions WS-SecurityPolicy
an extensive report for each device installed on the system, including resource information, as well as generate a summary of the system. This achieves the pri mary goal and the first of the secondary goals. Because nothing was mentioned about checking Print To File, the second secondary goal was not achieved.
Choose the appropriate information to monitor.
wbadmin enable backup -addtarget:{f0e2788d-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} schedule:21:00,06:00 include:C:
trust relationship A relationship established between domains to allow passthrough authentication, in which a trusting domain honors the logon authentica tions of a trusted domain.
In the first (and simplest) case, the constructor takes a string parameter that is the name of a binding in the configuration file. The following demonstrates this usage. First, the XML from the configuration file includes a name attribute (shown in bold):
Lesson 3 Review
Bulk management Cluster continuous replication (CCR) Comma-separated value (CSV) file
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