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// User is authenticated. Redirect them to the page they requested. FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(usernameTextBox.Text, false); } If FormsAuthentication.Authenticate(usernameTextBox.Text, passwordTextBox.Text) Then User is authenticated. Redirect them to the page they requested. FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(usernameTextBox.Text, False) End If
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Lesson 1: What Should Be Stored
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Lesson 1: Designing a Lite-Touch Deployment
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The Net Stop Spooler command and Net Start Spooler command can be executed from the command prompt to restart the print spooler service. If you restart the spooler using com mand-line or user interface methods, all documents in all printer queues on the server are deleted.
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Public FC Users R NTFS permission CP File B NTFS permission File A
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Figure 19-6 Use the Performance Logs And Alerts snap-in to track performance over time or alert you to performance problems.
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Before you decide to use a cursor, you should consider whether there are any other alternatives. SQL Server 2005 offers several methods for performing operations to multiple rows. This section highlights some of these alternatives.
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In this exercise, you will use a standalone computer to install the AD DS role and then create a new child domain. This exercise is performed on SERVER30. After AD DS is installed, you will use the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard to create a child domain in the Trey Research forest. 1. Log on to SERVER30 with the local administrator account. 2. In Server Manager, right-click the Roles node and select Add Roles. 3. Review the Before You Begin screen and click Next. 4. On the Select Server Roles page of the Add Roles Wizard, select Active Directory Domain Services and click Next. 5. Review the information in the AD DS page and click Next. 6. Confirm your choices and click Install. 7. Examine the installation results and click Close. Your installation is complete. 8. Next, click the Active Directory Domain Services node in Server Manager. 9. Click Run The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard in the details pane. This launches the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard. 10. Click Next. 11. Review the information on the Operating System Compatibility page and click Next. 12. On the Choose a Deployment Configuration page, choose Existing Forest and Create A New Domain In An Existing Forest and click Next. 13. On the Network Credentials page, type and click Set to add proper credentials. 14. In the Network Credentials dialog box, type treyresearch\administrator or equivalent, type the password, click OK, and click Next. 15. On the Name The New Domain page, type as the FQDN of the parent domain, type intranet in the single label of the child domain field, and click Next. The complete FQDN should be When you create a global child production domain, you name it with an appropriate name such as Intranet. This provides a clear demarcation for users and clearly shows that they are in an internal, protected network. 16. On the Select a Site page, use the default settings and click Next.
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Inconsistent database
Lesson 3: Triggers
Questions and Answers
By default, trace logs are limited to 32 megabytes in size and deleted after 14 days. The events recorded in a trace file are instances of the event classes in the trace definition. Event classes and their event categories are available on the Events Selection tab of the Trace File Properties dialog box in Profiler. To obtain relevant data from a trace file, you can examine the Errors And Warnings event category. This category includes event classes that are produced when a SQL Server error or warning is returned. The Performance event category is also useful. This category includes event classes that are produced when DML operators (for example, DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE) execute. The Showplan Statistics event class in the Performance event category can provide you with useful information about query and stored procedure operations.
Figure 9-16 Parsing the commands.
' VB Dim aResult As DialogResult
[Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [DefaultInstall] BitReg=Bit.Settings [Bit.Settings] ; Changes 50,00,10,00 to 31,00,10,00 HKCU,Software\Sample,Mask,0x0001,0x01,0 ; Changes 50,00,F0,00 to 30,00,70,00 HKU,Software\Sample,Mask,0x0000,0x80,2
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