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If you format an existing volume that contains data, all data is lost. Windows XP pro tects itself by preventing you from formatting the system and boot partition for the operating system by using any of the built-in Windows utilities. Formatting options, shown in Figure 8-5, include the following:
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After the Remote Assistance connection is established, the user requiring assistance sees a User Console and the helper sees a Helper Console. The User Console is shown in Figure 10-19. You can use the Chat History and Message Entry windows for online chatting. The Connection Status window displays the helper who has connected and the connection s capabilities (Screen View Only or In Control). The functionality of the remaining buttons is as follows:
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As previously stated, Microsoft recommends configuring ReadyBoost with one to three times the amount of RAM you have installed in your system. So if you have 512 MB of RAM, you should try to dedicate between 512 MB and 1.5 GB of space for ReadyBoost on a flash memory device. 3, Troubleshooting Post-Installation System Settings, described the Windows Experience Index available from the Performance Information and Tools feature. If you are not familiar with this feature, you can access it by opening Control Panel, clicking System And Maintenance, and then clicking Performance Information And Tools. Figure 11-1 shows a Windows Experience Index analysis for a low-specification laptop with 512 MB of memory. Unsurprisingly, a low score is returned. However, you need to analyze the results with care. The lowest index score is for gaming graphics, which is not relevant because the PC is not used for gaming or 3D graphics.
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Your Windows solution might or might not require an application server. An application server represents the server that you will recommend to run your code in your middle tier. This is code that is shared by the clients and typically processes business rules and accesses data stores. Most standard Windows clients do not require an application server. However, if you
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You calculate effective print permissions in the same manner as effective NTFS permis sions on files and folders. To determine effective print permissions for a user account or group, follow these steps: 1. Combine the Allow permissions from all sources. The user receives the highest possible level of permission from this combination. 2. Apply any Deny permissions. Remember that Deny permissions always override Allow permissions.
Param( [string] $Source ) Import-CSV $Source | ForEach-Object Process {Get-Mailbox Identity $_.Identity} | MoveMailbox -TargetDatabase First Storage Group\First Glasgow Mailbox Database
copy c:\source\alpha.txt c:\destination move c:\source\beta.txt c:\destination View the properties of the file C:\Destination\Alpha.txt and compare it to the properties of C:\Destination\Beta.txt. Note that the permissions assigned to Beta.txt are the same as those prior to the move, but that the permissions of Alpha.txt have changed when the file is copied, specifically the Research and Accounting group permissions and the permissions for user Jeff_Phillips, as shown in Figure 8-33. 7. Edit the properties of file Alpha, click the Security tab, and then click Jeff_Phillips. Note that the Jeff_Phillips account is assigned only the Write (Deny) permission.
Dim userToken As UsernameToken = CType(token, UsernameToken)
6. Next, on the Content Download page, as shown in Figure 6-15, you configure the content download job details. You can configure the options listed in Table 6-10.
To take ownership of a file 6. Who is now the owner of the OWNER file
Create a new class that exposes data from a database table. Practice 2 Implement the features using a Typed DataSet. Practice 3 Reengineer the component to use a DataSet and DataAdapters. Practice 4 Reengineer the component to use DataReaders and Commands.
' VB aToolStrip.Items.NewItem(Items.ToolStripButton("Click me")) // C# aToolStrip.Items.NewItem(Items.ToolStripButton("Click me"));
1. This is a SideShow device that lets her check information such as e-mails without turning on the computer. It uses very little power and should not drain the battery on her laptop. 2. He needs to access Windows Update to download the WMDC driver. Alternatively, he can download it from the Windows Mobile Device Center webpage at http:// 3. Windows Vista Business will let him sync with network folders marked as offline. The ability to sync with network folders is not included in Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, or Windows Vista Home Premium editions.
Troubleshooting the Start Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-13
The System.Configuration namespace provides many tools that will help you configure your applications. There are two primary areas that configuration can manage: custom settings and built-in settings. Custom settings include things such as a customer name or the placement of a screen that the user has set. Custom settings address issues such as which runtime version the application should use or provide a means by which you can retrieve specialized sections such as connection strings. Connection strings have a special place in many applications and, as such, a special tool exists for accessing them. In this chapter, we only addressed connection strings in plain text, but in real-world applications, you should never leave an unencrypted connection string in an application. Any professional program should include an installer. By using the Commit method, you can tell the application that the installation was successful. If the installation is not successful, it should be undone using the Rollback method. To completely remove an application that you ve installed, use the Uninstall method. You can edit many areas of the environment using the Installer s built-in tools. There is a registry editor to set and edit registry keys, a Desktop menu to edit what gets added to a user s Desktop, a Start Menu option to add items to the Start menu, and many more. To visually configure items, you can use the .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration tool. This will help you adjust items such as security policy or add and manage the global assembly cache.
Monitoring and Reporting ISA Server 2004 Activity (7.0)
For additional tips on protecting your computer, see Protecting Your Computer Against Spyware in 9, Maintaining and Protecting Your Mobile PC.
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