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Configuring Internet Explorer
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You are a desktop administrator for a sports equipment manufacturing company. Yesterday, the engineers responsible for software distribution deployed Office 2003 to all computers in your domain. All users have local user profiles. The following day you discover that Office has not been deployed to most of the Windows XP Professional computers that you manage. Which Group Policy setting do the domain administrators need to modify to ensure that the application is distributed the next time users log in Choose the correct answer. A. Enable the Always Wait For The Network At Computer Startup And Logon policy. B. Enable the Maximum Wait Time For Group Policy Scripts setting and set it to zero seconds. C. Enable the Wait For Remote User Profile setting. D. Enable Turn Off Background Refresh Of Group Policy.
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Figure 17-6 Using a Web SSO federation scenario
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Transacted Operations
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' VB CheckedListBox.SetItemCheckState(0, CheckState.Indeterminate) // C# checkedListBox.SetItemCheckState(0, CheckState.Indeterminate);
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Define standards. Identify conformance to standards. Propose resolution and improvements. Refactor code.
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: User name and password authentication can be used whether client computers are wireless access or dial-up hosts. B. Incorrect: RADIUS can provide attributes to any network access server that is configured as a RADIUS client. How remote client PCs access the network does not affect this functionality. C. Correct: User dial-in properties include the following: caller ID, callback, static IP address, and static routes. These properties are designed for a client that is dialing in to a network access server, not for wireless access points. A wireless access point that receives these settings in a RADIUS message might not be able to pro cess them, which could cause the wireless client to be disconnected. When IAS provides authentication and authorization for users who are both dialing up and accessing the organization network through wireless technology, support for wireless connections is provided by the Ignore User Dial In Properties attribute. You can create different remote access policies based on different types of connections for a single security group, or even for a single user. D. Incorrect: EAP-TLS is used mostly for smart card logon authentication. data matrix generator
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The only users who can make changes to Windows Firewall settings are those who log on to the computer with a user account that is a member of the local Administrators group. To enable or disable Windows Firewall for all network connections, use these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
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Prohibit Browse
OUs are, as you now know, administrative containers. They contain objects that share similar requirements for administration, configuration, and visibility. You now understand the first of those requirements: administration. Objects that will be administered the same way, by the same administrators, should be contained within a single OU. By placing your users in a single OU called People, you can delegate the help desk permission to change all users passwords by assigning one permission to one OU. Any other permissions that affect what an administrator can do to a user object will be assigned at the People OU. For example, you might allow your HR managers to disable user accounts in the event of an employee s termination. You would delegate that permission, again, to the People OU. Remember that administrators should be logging on to their systems with user credentials and launching administrative tools with the credentials of a secondary account that has appropriate permissions to perform administrative tasks. Those secondary accounts are the administrative accounts of the enterprise. It is not appropriate for the frontline help desk to be able to reset passwords on such privileged accounts, and you probably would not want HR managers to disable administrative accounts. Therefore, administrative accounts are being administered differently than nonadminstrative user accounts. That s why you have a separate OU, Admins, for administrative user objects. That OU will be delegated quite differently than the People OU.
Once you have prepared the enterprise and create the required arrays, you are ready to start installing the ISA Server services. Installing the ISA Server services enables the servers to operate as firewall servers. To install ISA Server services, complete the following steps on a Windows Server 2003 computer: 1. Access the ISA Server Enterprise Edition installation files and start the installation by running Isaautorun.exe and clicking Install ISA Server. 2. Accept the terms and conditions stated in the user license agreement. 3. Enter your customer information. 4. On the Setup Scenarios page, click Install ISA Server Services and then click Next. 5. On the Component Selection page, the ISA Server and ISA Server Management components are selected. You can choose to add additional components such as the Firewall Client Installation Share. Click Next. 6. On the Locate Configuration Storage Server page, shown in Figure 12-18, type the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of a Configuration Storage server. Click Next.
Removing Disks from the Dynamic Disk Database
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// Deny access to the Windows directory
3. Select the Device Usage drop-down list and then select Do Not Use This Device (Disable). The device is now disabled from operation within this Hardware profile. 4. Open the Properties page for the network card, and choose Use This Device (Enable) to re-enable the network card for use in this Hardware profile. Alternatively, you can right-click the device and select Enable or Disable, depending on the current state of the device.
Using System Monitor and Performance Logs and Alerts
Exercise 3: Testing the Folder Permissions for the Public Folder
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