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This chapter presents the skills and concepts related to deploying ISA Server 2004 as a firewall. If you plan to complete the practices and lab in this chapter, prepare the following:
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Welcome to Windows 7
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As a part of the setup process, SSAS installs various performance counters that cover essential server statistics, including caching, connection management, memory utilization, MDX query coverage, processing, and more. Table 8-7 lists some important counters that are commonly used for performance testing.
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Most of the techniques you'll learn about in this chapter work remotely, too. You can back up and restore keys for other users. If you have a computer that fails while logging on to Windows XP, you can access the computer over the network and restore that computer's settings using Regedit. On the File menu, click Connect Network Registry, and type the name of the computer containing the registry you want to open. Not only can you edit the remote computer's registry, but you can also export hive files from and import hive files into it.
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Lesson 1: Evaluate Requirements and Choose an Appropriate Layout for the Visual Interface
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The only way to be completely sure that a computer will not become infected by viruses is to disable its network connection and glue shut its magnetic and optical media drives. Although these are extreme measures that you probably won t seriously consider, you can still substantially reduce the chance of a virus or worm launching a successful attack against SQL Server 2005. These strategies include the following:
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15: Working Around IT Problems
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The following example backs up the PUBS database to a two-disk media set and creates three mirrors of the backup. The first backup occurs to a locally attached disk, whereas each of the mirrors is a network resource accessed via a UNC path.
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mines how SQL Server sorts character data. It is specified by name in the Windows Control Panel and in SQL Server 2005 during setup. generate code 39
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Securing Replication Data
Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
Where data is saved (which can be on a network server, not the local computer)
Selecting the custom view
Practice 1 Practice installing and uninstalling DNS both on its own and through the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard in as many scenarios as possible. In addition, create manual delegations and compare their interaction with the installa-
1. What step should you take when attempting to differentiate the replication settings of a public folder compared to its parent public folder database 2. How can you ensure that a public folder is replicated to specific mailbox servers in your organization
Practice 1: Add and share a new printer using the Add Printers Wizard. Practice 2: Stop the Workstation service and attempt to connect to a shared printer. Next, stop the Server service and attempt to create a shared printer. Practice 3: Remove the default right of the Power Users group to manage a printer. Practice 4: Print to a shared printer and immediately remove the document using the Printers And Faxes window. Practice 5: Connect to an Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) shared printer using a URL. Print a document and use Internet Explorer to remove the document before it has completed printing. Practice 1: Disable simple folder sharing this is required for all following exercises. Practice 2: Create a shared folder and enable automatic caching of documents. Practice 3: Connect to a folder shared from a Windows XP system and pin individual documents to ensure synchronization. Practice 4: Change the default synchronization behavior so that files are synchronized nightly instead of when users log on and log off. Practice 5: Create a shared folder and configure it for automatic caching of programs. Connect to this share from a client system and pin files for synchronization. Disconnect from the network and modify the synchronized files. Reconnect to the network and attempt to synchronize the modified files to the shared folder.
Closely resembles the experience of taking a certification exam. The test has a set number of questions, it s timed, and you can t pause and restart the timer
You probably wouldn t read this book if you weren t supporting users, and you know that there are elements of the user s system that cause the user pain when they are not present. For example, if a user logs on and does not have access to his or her Internet Explorer Favorites, or must reconfigure his or her custom dictionary, or does not see familiar shortcuts or documents on the desktop, the user s productivity takes an instant plunge, and the help desk gets a call. Each of these examples relate to components of the user profile. Profiles can be configured to enhance their availability, security, and reliability. In this lesson, you will learn how to manage local, roaming, group, and mandatory profiles.
How to Specify the Encoding Type when Writing a File
There are many other situations that will entail searching Active Directory, and you will encounter several user interfaces. In this section, you ll learn some techniques for working with each.
Create a uDM Cube to Examine Data
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