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access to a number of configurable settings that vary depending on the device for which you are viewing the Properties dialog box. The Details tab, shown in Figure 4-4, accesses an even larger number of properties. You can click any property and observe its value. The Drivers tab is discussed later in this lesson.
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Supporting Windows XP File and Folder Access
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Application-level settings should not be updated. This isn t to say that the capability doesn t exist to update application-level settings. Only that it opens the door to subtle problems with the proper functioning of the application. A couple of examples will help clarify the potential issues.
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FREETEXTTABLE (table , { column_name | (column_list) | * } , 'freetext_string' [ ,LANGUAGE language_term ] [ ,top_n_by_rank ] )
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To generate a class based on a schema, follow these steps: 1. Create or download the XML schema .xsd file on your computer. 2. Open a Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt. 3. From the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt, run Xsd.exe schema.xsd /classes /language:[CS | VB]. For example, to create a new class based on a schema file named C:\schema\library.xsd, you would run the following command:
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Key Terms
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a. Correct: WDS is included in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008. You must
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Lesson 1 Review
The New Linked Server dialog box shown in Figure 1-7 enables you to specify the server type as SQL Server or Other data source. If the server type is SQL Server, you need to type the instance name in the Linked Server text box.
Lesson 3: Message Filters
Data Application Host Internal Network Perimeter Physical Security Polices, Procedures, and Awareness
Exam objectives in this chapter:
In this exercise, you will learn how to use SSMS to create and test an MDX query.
A legal disclaimer is an addition that can be included on all e-mail messages sent by an organization. Generally, legal disclaimers provide legal information about the nature of the communication, reminding readers that the information is confidential and should not be forwarded. The precise text is usually written by an organization s lawyers and will vary depending on the organization s legal responsibilities. Exchange Server 2007 includes the ability to add legal disclaimers to e-mail messages processed by computers hosting the Hub Transport server role. Legal disclaimers can be applied through transport rules. In conjunction with transport rules, it is possible to configure separate disclaimers for different countries or regions, different languages, and different regulatory environments. Disclaimer text is inserted into e-mail messages using the same format as the original message, so plaintext messages have plain-text disclaimers, and HTML-formatted messages have HTML-formatted disclaimers. Legal disclaimers can be customized in the following ways:
SQL Server 2008.
1. Log on to Windows XP using an account with administrator privileges. 2. From the Start menu, select My Computer. 3. In the Other Places section in the left pane, select My Network Places. 4. In the My Network Places window, in the Network Tasks section, click View Network Connections. 5. In the Network Connections window, in the Network Tasks section, click Create A New Connection. 6. In the New Connection Wizard, on the Welcome To The New Connection Wizard page, click Next. 7. On the Network Connection Type page, verify that Connect To The Internet is selected, and click Next. 8. On the Getting Ready page, select Set Up My Connection Manually, and click Next. 9. On the Internet Connection page, verify that Connect Using A Dial-Up Modem is selected, and click Next. 10. On the Connection Name page, in the ISP Name text box, type Contoso, and click Next. 11. On the Phone Number To Dial page, in the Phone Number text box, type 1-000000-0000. Click Next. 12. On the Connection Availability page, click Next. 13. On the Internet Account Information page, in the User Name text box, type your name. In the Password and Confirm Password text boxes, type password. Click Next. 14. On the Completing The New Connection Wizard page, click Finish.
DHCP: Renewal Time Value (T1) = 8 Days, 0:00:00
You will need the SELECT permission for each object, along with the VIEW SERVER STATE or VIEW DATABASE STATE permission to use a DMV in a SELECT query. Which permission is required depends on whether the DMV is server-scoped or database-scoped.
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