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Real World
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Lesson 1: You Can Tune an Application
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Bruce Johnson The decision to make or buy a component is always a conundrum for developers. On one hand, they like new and challenging work. And almost always, making a component from scratch falls into that category. But then again, if the problem has been solved, much of the challenge falls away. And many developers hate to work on problems that already have a readily available solution. On the other hand, how can a component created by someone else be better than the precise area that you would focus on Almost every developer has wrestled with this dilemma. The real challenge is to come up with a systematic way to evaluate whether a component should be purchased or constructed and to identify the risks and costs associated with each choice. In this lesson we describe just such a system.
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Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Server Roles
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Quality of service (QOS) requirements define the contractual, or nonfunctional, requirements for the system. QOS requirements do not typically represent specific user problems. Rather, they define the requirements around things like performance, scalability, and standards. These requirements should not be overlooked. They need to be defined and considered when doing application architecture and development. The following are examples of QOS requirements:
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Available Security Testing Tools
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Dim rethrow As Boolean rethrow = ExceptionPolicy.HandleException(ex, "First Exception") If rethrow Then Throw End If End Try // C# try { // Code goes here } catch (Exception ex) { bool rethrow = ExceptionPolicy.HandleException(ex, "First Exception"); if (rethrow) throw; }
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G07TB12 WMP Media Library
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Lesson 2
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Working with Data in a Connected Environment
Certificates Database Keys Data Keys
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Table 2-2
Lesson 1: Service Endpoint Basics
If a user reports problems with viewing a single Web page, but other pages look fine, check to see whether there is a note at the bottom of the page that says, This page is best viewed using 800 x 600 screen resolution or something similar. If it is a corporate website or one the user relies on heavily, the user might need to reconfigure his or her display settings permanently. Display settings are changed in Control Panel (see Chap ter 7, Supporting Display Devices, I/O Devices, and ACPI, for more).
F. When connected to the remote domain controller, Rooslan should run WINMSD
Local security database Local security database
Lesson 2: Configuring Mail-Enabled Groups
408 ChAPTER 10
' VB <OperationContract()> _ <FaultContract(GetType(FaultInfo))> _ Sub MarkTaskCompleted(ByVal taskNumber As Integer) // C# [OperationContract()] [FaultContract(typeof(FaultInfo))] void MarkTaskCompleted(int taskNumber);
Failover Clustering
When a user from the branch office tries to access the Internet using HTTP, the user is granted access without requiring authentication. When a user from the branch office tries to access the Internet using any protocol other than HTTP or HTTPS, the user will be required to authenticate. The DNS servers in the branch office are configured to forward DNS queries directly to the Internet. This is enabled using the array DNS rule. If the DNS servers in the branch office were configured to forward all queries to the DNS servers at the main office, the array DNS rule would not be required as the enterprise rule enables the main-office DNS servers to send queries to the Internet.
Table 5-1 describes the four options available in this dialog box.
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