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It is possible to configure a level of logging that suits your needs at a particular time. When you are developing a package, you might want to configure voluminous logs, but after the package has been shown to work in a production environment, you will likely want to reduce the number and type of events logged.
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Figure 5-22 Use the Windows Components Wizard to add or remove components from a Windows XP Professional installation.
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Critical updates and security updates help keep computers protected from new vulner abilities that are discovered (and threats that are created) after the initial shipping of an operating system or application. The Automatic Updates feature in Windows XP auto matically downloads and installs critical and security updates for Windows XP and select other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office. Microsoft provides a website named Microsoft Update that can scan a computer, determine what is already installed, and list available updates. In addition to the critical and security updates available through Automatic Updates, Microsoft Update also offers optional hardware and software updates.
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Practice 1
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' VB Dim anArrayList As New System.Collections.ArrayList SyncLock anArrayList.SyncRoot ' Perform some operation on the ArrayList End SyncLock // C# lock (anArrayList.SyncRoot) { // Perform some operation on the ArrayList }
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On a mailbox server, your backup job should include Exchange database files, including both mailbox and public folder databases and Exchange transaction log files that are specific to each storage group. These files are located by default in storage group folders in the path C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\ <storage_group_folder>. Figure 12-1 shows the contents of the First Storage Group folder on the mailbox server Glasgow.
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Resolving a Service Call data matrix generator
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Functions and stored procedures allow you to modify the security context under which the object is running by using the EXECUTE AS option. EXECUTE AS has three possible arguments:
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Administering a Full-Text Search Overview of SQL Server 2005 for the Database Administrator Using the USE PLAN Query Hint Forcing Query Plans with SQL Server 2005 Invoke UDFs That Accept Tables with SQL Server 2005 s APPLY Operator New T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2005, Part 1 Returning Ranked Results with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Optimizing Distributed Queries XQuery Specification Understanding SQL Server Full-Text Indexing XML Integration with SQL Server 2005
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Lesson 1: Evaluating Security Threats
Once change tracking has been enabled on the database, the ALTER TABLE command is used to enable change tracking on individual tables that you want to track. There are only two arguments in the ALTER TABLE command that affect change tracking:
Configuring Public Folders
To demonstrate the modify() method and the XML DML keywords, let s walk through a short series of scenarios. Suppose you were assigned the task of creating a new department for customer service. Because customer service is very important, all employees who have been working for the company more than eight years will be assigned to that department. The following XML DML expression uses the insert keyword with the before operator to insert a new Department node:
Lesson Summary
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