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Case Scenario: Tune Query Performance
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Configure security for backup operations Schedule backup jobs Restore backup data
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1. What automated methods could you use to install Windows XP Professional on these computers
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End Sub End Module //C# using System;
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This code will cause the WriteStatements() was reached message to be sent to the Output window.
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Responding to an Infection
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Click Start, and then click Administrative Tools\Group Policy Management\. The Group Policy Management console appears. Expand the Forest and Domains containers. Then expand the container that represents your domain and select Group Policy Objects, as shown in Figure 4-27.
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Michael Hotek When SQL Server 2000 was released, the marketing hype was that the database system provided all the functionality of a true enterprise-class database platform. I ve always disagreed with that assessment. Although SQL Server 2000 was a very good product that provided a lot of valuable functionality, it fell short of what I consider enterprise class. An enterprise-class database platform isn t simply capable of storing a large amount of data. It also needs to have very robust and easy-to-access instrumentation that exposes enough detail to let DBAs quickly diagnose problems and keep the environment working at optimum levels. SQL Server 2000 essentially provided a black box for DBAs to use. You could solve most performance problems by using SQL Trace to extract data from the black box and then aggregate it to find the queries that were affecting performance. However, this process consumed a large amount of time. In addition,
9. The ColumnChanging event gets raised every time any column in the DataTable is updated. For the validation we care only about the Quantity column. So the first element is to create an conditional block based on the name of the changed column. Add the following code to the validateProductData method:
Locator (URL) but require the information they found earlier on the site. You will be
Practice: Configuring Authentication in ASP.NET Applications
Lesson 2: Creating Report Schedules and Subscriptions
Destination IP address Destination subnet mask Protocol Any
Description Navigates to the previous page in the navigation his tory if one is available. Navigates to the next page in the navigation history if one is available. Navigates to the browser s home page.
Exercise 2: Connect to the Server with the Remote Desktop Client
Assigning a Static IP Address
1. Correct Answers: B and C A. Incorrect: Remove will return without exception, regardless of whether the item exists in the collection. B. Correct: Contains can be used to test to whether the item exists in the collection. C. Correct: IndexOf will return <;$MI>1 if the item does not exist in the collection. D. Incorrect: Returning the count of the collection will not reveal whether an item is in the collection. 2. Correct Answers: A, C, and D A. Correct: Comparer will compare two objects and return an integer that represents whether the left-hand object is less than, equal to, or greater than the right-hand object. B. Incorrect: The class compares two objects relatively, not for identity of references. C. Correct: It is used in the ArrayList.Sort method to do the default sorting. D. Correct: It is the default implementation of the IComparer implementation.
class Program
Lesson 3: Moving a Database
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