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23. On the Replicate Configuration Storage Servers Properties dialog box, click Add and select Computer. 24. In the New Computer Rule Element, type DC1 as the Name and type as the Computer IP Address. Click OK. 25. Add another computer element with a name of ISA3 and an IP address of 26. Apply the changes.
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HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\ Windows File Protection\SfcShowProgress
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2. If your computer running Windows XP Professional is part of a domain environment and you configure the Local Security Policies on your computer so that you assign yourself the Add Workstation To A Domain user right, can you add additional workstations to the domain Why or why not
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Objective 3.4 Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-24
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Microsoft recommends that you configure Automatic Updates to download and install updates automatically according to a preset schedule.
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Securing and Administering SSAS code 128 font
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Moving Mailboxes and Implementing Bulk Management
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the same interface as the Hashtable class, so it can be used as a drop-in replacement. To demonstrate, here is the example used with Hashtable earlier. This time, however, we re using ListDictionary. Note that none of the code is different except for the construction of the object:
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Scenario 5.2
You are the DST for a small movie supply company and support seven users. All the users are using Windows XP Professional computers. One of the users is having diffi culty using the mouse and wants to know whether there is a way to control pointer movement by using the keyboard. You tell the user that she can enable MouseKeys by simultaneously pressing which keys A. Left CTRL, left ALT, DELETE
Controlling Just in Time Setup
A good way to remember whether a particular attachment is going to be f iltered is to ask yourself whether the attachment is executable. Applications and scripts are generally considered harmful, whereas Word documents and PowerPoint presentations are not.
Exercise 2: Create a Negotiation Policy
WMI CIM Studio lets you display instances of an existing class by accessing a table of all instances of the class and viewing the associations of an instance. You can also define and display custom views of instances. You can add and delete class definitions in Class Explorer, and you can modify class definitions by adding, editing, or deleting properties, qualifiers, and methods. You can add and delete instances of a class. You can execute regular methods on instances in WMI CIM Studio if the instances are implemented and not disabled. Click the class in Class Viewer and click Instances. Right-click the instance you want to work with and select Go To Object. Click the Methods tab in Class Viewer, right-click the method, and select Execute Method. The Parameters column shows the parameters defined for the method and their default values. Before executing the method, you can configure the parameters by editing their values. The WQL Query Builder lets you write, save, and execute WQL queries. To use this feature, click the WQL Query symbol in Class Viewer. The MOF Generator Wizard in Class Explorer enables you to generate an MOF file for class definitions and instances from an existing repository. Typically, you run this wizard when you have created a new class or when you want to export existing repository information to another computer. You can compile the MOF file into a repository importing any class definitions or instances from the MOF file into the current repository by using the MOF Compiler Wizard. This wizard checks the syntax of an MOF file and creates binary MOF files. WMI Object Browser Unlike WMI CIM Studio, the WMI Object Browser is designed for use by system managers. This tool enables you to display the object tree for a CIM repository, view object details, edit object information, and run selected methods. You start WMI Object Browser from the WMI Tools menu and you need to click the Information bar and enable ActiveX controls. You can select a namespace or accept the default.
Query using Filter and SortBy parameters
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