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Users in the Help Desk group have been creating their own Web pages to publish technical data for the rest of the group and have many utilities that they use periodically in testing applications for functionality and stability. These users have been asking for some help in determining why their computers performance has recently declined significantly. Using the Performance console, take a baseline of the following counters:
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Because performance considerations can have a major impact on user acceptance of an application, being able to measure performance is critical. For example, if an abundance of support calls indicated that the application was sluggish, you d want to follow some process to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. The procedure for doing this is outlined in the following steps: 1. Verify and confirm that the problem exists. 2. Create a baseline measurement of how the application should perform, and compare that baseline to actual measurements. 3. Record each functional area where a disparity exists between the baseline performance and actual performance. 4. Examine the code that s running where the disparities exist. 5. Take corrective action. Although the actual process will differ from company to company and developer to developer, the steps listed are fairly representative of the process. And the majority of these steps involve measuring actual performance. To accomplish this measurement, the .NET Framework provides the PerformanceCounter class.
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SRV resource records for a domain controller
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Objective 2.6
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fully qualified domain name (FQDN) A multiple-part name separated by periods that specifies the host name s exact location in the DNS naming hierarchy. GPT See GUID partition table (GPT).
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Figure 6-3
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6. Build the project, and resolve any errors. Verify that the console application successfully shows both Spain and Canada.
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Basic File and Folder Permissions
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Using the Reports View in Performance Logs and Alerts
Although you can build an SSAS solution on top of an arbitrary database schema, SSAS works best with database schemas that are designed to support data analytics and reporting needs. You achieve such schemas by reducing the number of tables available for reporting, denormalizing data, and simplifying the database schema. The methodology you use to architect such schemas is called dimensional modeling. The AdventureWorksDW2008 sample database has been designed in accordance with the dimensional modeling methodology. Compared with the AdventureWorks2008 highly normalized database schema, which has more than 70 tables, AdventureWorksDW2008 is less complex and contains fewer than 30 tables. Figure 5-1 shows only the tables that contain data about sales from individual customers.
2. Which Windows component should you install if you want to set up DHCP, DNS, and WINS a. Management And Monitoring Tools b. Networking Services c. Other File And Print Services
Identify the types of files and folders in Windows XP . Identify common file and folder attributes. Configure folder options in Windows XP . Compress files and folders. Encrypt files and folders. Manage disk space using disk quotas. Troubleshoot folder access.
Windows XP Professional supports Advanced Power Management (APM), which helps reduce the power consumption of your system. To configure your computer to use APM, use the Power Options Properties dialog box. Click the APM tab and select the Enable Advanced Power Management Support check box. If the APM tab is unavailable, your computer is compliant with a newer standard named Advanced
Exam Tip
Lesson 1: How to Manage State in a Web Service
Video card name Adapter RAM Current resolution and bits/pixel settings
Troubleshooting Name Resolution on a Client Computer
But installed is not the same as running, because a Windows service might be stopped. And a Windows service needs to be running to perform its tasks. The ServiceController class includes a Status property that contains the current status of the service. A value of StatusControllerStatus.Running indicates a service that is ready to be used. Also, methods on the ServiceController class can be used to start, stop, pause, and continue the service.
/* Abort the above query and execute the following insert statement. */ INSERT Test.TestTran (Col1, Col2) VALUES (1, 3);
Whether a data change qualifies as a conflict depends on the type of conflict tracking you set for an article: row-level, column-level, or logical record-level. When conflicts are detected at the row level, SQL Server 2005 assumes that changes made to corresponding rows are in conflict, regardless of whether the changes are made to the same column. For example, suppose a change is made to the address column of a Publisher row, and a second change is made to the name column of the corresponding Subscriber row in the same table. Row-level tracking detects a conflict because changes were made to the same row. Column-level tracking does not detect a conflict because changes were made to different columns in the same row. If a conflict is detected by either row-level or column-level tracking, the entire row of data is overwritten by data from the conflict winner.
A customer calls and tells you that she would like to be able to insert pictures into the bodies of messages she sends using Outlook Express. However, when she tries to insert a picture, she finds that the Picture command on the Insert menu of the message window is not available. What is likely the problem A. The customer needs to configure Outlook Express to use Microsoft Word as the e-mail editor. B. The customer needs to change the format of the messages to plaintext. C. The customer needs to change the format of the messages to Rich Text (HTML). D. Outlook Express does not support images in the bodies of messages.
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