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// C# private void SaveBlobToDatabase() { // This call lets you select the // binary file to save As a BLOB // in the database. GetCompleteFilePath(); // The BLOB holds the byte array to save.
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Configuring Secure Web Publishing Rules
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Table 3-19 Important Properties of the NotifyIcon Component
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Lesson 1: Instancing Modes
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests sec tion in this book s Introduction.
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ISA Server 2004 provides two additional options for increasing security; these options are intrusion detection and IP preferences. These options are used to configure how ISA Server will respond to various attacks or malformed IP packets. This lesson describes how to configure these options.
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Exam Tip
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TYPE COLUMN type_column_name Defines the column that contains the extension representing the file type of information included in a varbinary, varbinary(max), or image column. If you specify this option but you do not include a binary column with data in the full-text index, an error is generated.
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Services. When you use a certificate-based authentication protocol, it is necessary to deploy certificates tied to user accounts, computer accounts, or both types of account. The properties of these protocols are as follows: PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) This protocol uses unencrypted passwords for authentication. This protocol is not enabled by default for Windows 7 VPN connections and is not supported by remote access servers running Windows Server 2008. You would enable this protocol only to connect to an older third-party VPN server that does not support other more secure protocols. CHAP (Challenge Authentication Protocol) This is a password-based authentication protocol. Although remote access servers running Windows Server 2008 do not support this protocol, it is enabled by default for Windows 7 VPN connections and it allows you to connect to third-party VPN servers that do not support other more secure protocols. MS-CHAPv2 (Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2) MSCHAPv2 is a password-based authentication protocol. You can configure a VPN connection that uses this protocol to use the credentials of the currently logged on user for authentication. PEAP/PEAP-TLS (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol with Transport Layer Security) This is a certificate-based authentication protocol where users authenticate using certificates. Requires the installation of a computer certificate on the VPN server. EAP-MS-CHAPv2/PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 The most secure password-based authentication protocols available to VPN clients running Windows 7; requires the installation of a computer certificate on the VPN server. Does not require a client certificate. Smart Card or Other Certificate Use this protocol when users are authenticating VPN connections using a smart card or a certificate installed on this computer. The properties for this authentication protocol are shown in Figure 10-13.
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Dim myRectangle As New Rectangle(0,0,10,30)
15. Add a button to the form and set the following properties:
Now that you have learned how to create connection objects using the primary .NET data providers, let s start using them and actually connect to some data sources. This lesson will explain how to use a connection object and open a connection to a data source. After opening the connection, we will verify that the connection is opened by examining the ConnectionState property. Once we verify that the connection state is opened, we will also cause the InfoMessage event to fire and display the message returned by the data source.
SalesTable.Columns.Add("SalesOrderID", Type.GetType("System.Int32"));
static void Main(string[] args)
How to Implement Custom Serialization
Before you can write to a file, you have to open the file for writing. This process is similar to opening a file for reading. For example, you can open a file for writing as shown here:
Troubleshoot Failed Installations
3. A user reports that she is receiving a logon message that states, Your account is configured to prevent you from using the computer. Please try another computer. What should you do to enable her to log on to the computer A. Click the Log On To button on the Account tab of her user account. B. Click the Allowed To Join Domain button in the New Computer dialog box. C. Use the Dsmove command. D. Give her the right to log on locally, using the local security policy of the computer.
In this practice, you will configure an ISA Server report and view the report contents. You will also configure a recurring report job and configure it to publish the report to a shared folder. You will then view the report from the shared folder.
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