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4 Returns a full set of information about the operation, as well as a hex dump of the current transaction log row
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Use the Templates category to customize the templates you see when you right click the desktop or the unused space in a folder window, and then click New. 4, "Hacking the Registry," and Appendix A, "File Associations," describe how to build customized templates. Table 5 24 describes 122
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Using the Set-PublicFolder Cmdlet
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Downloading Articles
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accounts to migrate, as well as which files and folders Windows Easy Transfer will migrate to the new machine.
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work properly. Bring the failed publisher back online and fail back to this pub lisher, not losing any changes.
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Verify assembly for strong name signature self-consistency. If -vf is
This section discusses how you can use WCF to ensure that your services send and receive messages in the correct XML format when the starting point is a preexisting (hopefully standard) XML schema as opposed to WCF Data contracts.
public void UnmarshaledObject(object obj, ObjRef or) { Console.WriteLine("Object unmarshaled...");
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Optimizing SQL Server 2005 Performance
In this exercise, you will use the new Tablet PC Input Panel to enter and correct text in Notepad, as well as enter a Web site address in a Web browser.
1. The BackgroundWorker component allows you to run operations on a sep arate thread while allowing the user interface to remain responsive without complicated implementation or coding patterns. 2. First, you set the WorkerSupportsCancellation property of the BackgroundWorker component to True. Then create a method that calls the BackgroundWorker.CancelAsync method that is called to cancel the operation. Finally, in the background process, poll the BackgroundWorker.CancellationPending property and set e.Cancel to True if CancellationPending is True, and take appropriate action to halt the process.
How to Configure Web Listeners
Contains all websites that you have not placed in other zones.
Lesson 2
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