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If you simply want to view a list of all SRV resource records in a domain and do not need to make subsequent queries, you can perform steps 15 and 16 as one step by typing the command ls t srv domain1.local at the Nslookup prompt.
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Configuration Components Configure the VPN gateway to use the same tunneling protocol
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Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment (4.0)
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you click the Add button when the Authentication-Type attribute is selected, the Authentication-Type dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 10-17. This dialog box allows you to choose which remote access connections, as specified by authentication protocol, will match the policy. In the example given, the policy is configured to match unauthenticated connections. Similarly, you can specify the particular elements for any attribute you choose to serve as the conditions for a policy.
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Lesson Review
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The idea of a disconnected model was driven primarily by the need for efficiency and scalability while still allowing for maximum functionality. Let s say you have an application that displays and manipulates data from a data source. If you choose a connected model, you will maintain a connection to the data source even after the data has been passed to the application. This connection will consume memory and resources on the application server. If that application is being accessed by multiple simultaneous users say, thousands of them this
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ost IT projects deployments included end up being much less simple than they appear on paper. In a perfect deployment, administrators have identical,
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Configuring OWA
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' If more lines exist, print another page
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netdom add ComputerName / domain:DomainName /userd:User / PasswordD:UserPassword [/ou:OUDN]
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B. The PDC Emulator role is unavailable.
If your network has only Microsoft-client computers, you can easily configure them to be DHCP clients. But what if your network consists of non-Microsoft workstations that also require automatic IP configuration Table 8-9 shows these different types of clients.
Applying Answer File Settings
Figure 13-3 MyQueue has been created
Isolation Rule This rule isolates Windows Vista computers based on authentication credentials such as a common domain. It is used to isolate groups of computers from others on the network. Authentication Exemption Rule This rule prevents a Windows Vista computer from authenticating connections from computers specified in the rule. This is usually used in conjunction with an isolation rule to allow exceptions to that rule. For example, you want to restrict a computer from communicating with any computers except those in the same domain, but you also want it to communicate with two Mac OSX client computers. Server-To-Server Rule This rule is used to protect connections between servers. An example might be between a web server application and a database hosting credit card information. Tunnel Rule This rule is used to create encrypted tunnels across the Internet. Organizations often use this encryption technique to establish links between branch offices rather than to install dedicated data lines.
Windows Internet Explorer and Group Policy
Application domains are implemented in the .NET Framework using the System.AppDomain class. To use an application domain, create an instance of the AppDomain class, and then execute an assembly within that domain. Table 8-1 shows the AppDomain properties.
The Forms folder is shared as Forms, the Supervisors folder is shared as Supervisors, and each user s folder is shared as that user s username. Supervisors are members of the Supervisors Global Group. NTFS permissions are set on all folders to Authenticated Users Modify. Permissions are granted to the shared folders as follows:
In the Address Bar, type, and then click Go. To re-establish your Internet connection, click Connect.
Lesson 2: Planning Domain Controllers
Specifying a quorum
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Lesson 2 Practice: Exercise 2
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