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Lesson 2: Customizing and Extending Bindings
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DSTs also find their niche as members of small repair shops, large repair shop chains, computer sales chains, computer manufacturers, or hardware testing labs. They can also start their own computer-repair business. If you intend to work as a DST in any of these settings, you should also be either A+ or Network+ certified. Unlike a desktop technician, an employee at a repair shop or one who owns his or her own business has much more hands-on computer work than those who answer phones. These technicians replace hardware, add memory, repair printers, and perform similar tasks, in addition to the tasks required of a desktop tech nician.
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When prompted to confirm the addition of the computer to the new ad hoc wireless network, click OK.
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1. Should your middle tier always physically exist on a machine separate from your Windowsbased application A. Yes B. No 2. Should you enforce data integrity constraints outside the database (in addition to inside the database) A. Yes B. No 3. Should you use a VPN if you need to allow external usage of internal servers A. Yes B. No
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Lesson 1
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The .NET Framework can automatically convert between built-in types. Widening conversions occur implicitly in both Visual Basic and C#. Narrowing conversions require explicit conversion in C#, while Visual Basic allows narrowing conversions by default. Boxing allows any type to be treated as a reference type. You must specifically implement conversion operators to enable conversion in custom types.
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Figure 11-12 The current SQL Server Agent log.
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FrsEvent Repadmin.exe and Dcdiag.exe
Using the Formula Bar
Inherit permissions NTFS volume R/W Folder A No access to FileA File A
User-Defined CLR Types
Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
Lesson 1: Designing an Organizational Unit Structure
-- Query #1 -- Returns 1 row. SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM Test.CoveredIndexTest WHERE Col1 = 0; -- Query #2 -- Returns roughly 0.1% of the rows found in the table. -- (1,056 rows) SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM Test.CoveredIndexTest WHERE Col1 BETWEEN 1205 AND 1225; -- Query #3 -- Returns roughly 0.5% of the rows found in the table. -- (5,016 rows) SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM Test.CoveredIndexTest WHERE Col1 BETWEEN 1205 AND 1426; -- Query #4 (non-selective) -- Returns roughly 5% of the rows found in the table. -- (50,028 rows) SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM Test.CoveredIndexTest WHERE Col1 BETWEEN 1205 AND 2298; -- Non-covered index CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX NonCovered ON Test.CoveredIndexTest (Col1); -- Covered index CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX Covered ON Test.CoveredIndexTest (Col1) INCLUDE (Col2);
Lesson Summary
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