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Improving Security When Using External Components and Services
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6. On the Protocols tab, select the protocols that you want to enable for VPN access. You can choose to enable PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, or both. Click OK. 7. On the User Mapping tab, as shown in Figure 10-4, click the Enable User Mapping check box if you want to enable user mapping. If you want to use a domain to authenticate users who do not enter a domain name when they authenticate, click the When Username Does Not Contain A Domain, Use This Domain check box and then enter the domain name in the Domain Name text box. Click OK.
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4. To access the advanced settings and to set special permissions, click Advanced. 5. In the Advanced Security Settings dialog box, notice the four tabs: Permissions, Auditing, Owner, and Effective Permissions. Select the Permissions tab.
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and examine the driver list to see if any failures to start have been reported.
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NAT is not a good solution for this problem unless you consider using an updated version of IPSec, called IPSec NAT-Traversal (IPSec NAT-T). IPSec NAT-T enables IPSec packets to pass through NAT devices.
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C. Device Manager D. Services
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Seek SetLength
High availability framework
In this practice, you will install Office 2003. To complete this practice, you will need the Office 2003 Evaluation CD that comes with this book or your own copy of the software. 1. Log on to Windows XP by using an account with administrator privileges. 2. Insert the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 CD into the CD-ROM drive. 3. The Microsoft Office 2003 Setup Wizard should start automatically. If it does not, on the Start menu, select My Computer, and in the My Computer window, open your CD-ROM drive. Double-click Setup.exe to start the wizard. 4. In the Microsoft Office 2003 Setup Wizard, enter your user name, initials, and organization name, and then click Next. 5. Read the licensing agreement, and then select the I Agree To The Terms In The Licensing Agreement option. Click Next. 6. Make sure that the Typical Install option is selected, and click Next. 7. Verify the installation details, and click Install. 8. After the installation is finished, you are informed that the update completed suc cessfully. Ensure that both the Check The Web For Updates And Additional Downloads and the Delete Installation Files check boxes are cleared. Click Finish.
In the following case scenarios, you will apply what you ve learned about configuring public folders. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
The taskbar is always disappearing, and I d like that to stop. I also want to be able to move the taskbar to another area of the screen. John, my colleague down the hall, has an icon next to his Start menu that he uses to open our accounting program. I do not have any icons there. How do I create one of those so that I do not always have to locate the program on the Start menu or place a shortcut on the desktop I do not have enough room on my taskbar to show all of my open programs, and I have to scroll to see the additional programs. Is there some way of grouping the programs together Can I remove or hide the icons for my antivirus software, my pop-up stopper program, and other programs that run in the background If I remove them, do they stop running There are a lot of icons in the notification area that I do not think I need. How can I get rid of those for good I do not think they should be running in the background, and I do not even know what some of them are.
Module Module1
The purpose for specifying a specific type of algorithm suite is typically for interoperability purposes. The default value of Basic256 is generally sufficient for communications between most WCF endpoints. However, a different algorithm suite is used when sending messages to external clients who, for whatever reason, require a different set of properties. To reinforce this fact, the algorithmSuite attribute is valid for the following bindings only: basicHttpBinding basicHttpContextBinding netMsmqBinding netTcpBinding netTcpContextBinding wsDualHttpBinding wsFederationHttpBinding wsHttpBinding
3. What other configurations must you enable a. Configure the Configuration Storage server to certificate-based authentication for the ISA
Figure 8-1
Lesson 5
Moving Mailboxes within a Single Forest by Using Exchange Management Shell
And, for the deserialization:
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