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Backup Utility Schedule Jobs tab
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When adding a user to a database, the user is normally mapped to a login, certifi cate, or asymmetric key. Although the name of the database user can differ from the principal it is mapped to, using different names can create confusion and provide self-documentation, so it is usually not done.
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Two servers using a superscope
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To support this scenario, you can configure a superscope that includes as members the original scope (Scope 1) and the additional scopes for the logical multinets you need to support (Scopes 2 and 3).
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Connect to Computers by Using Dial-Up Networking
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Planning a Monitoring and Reporting Strategy
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3. Has the user recently deleted any files or performed any maintenance 4. How did this problem occur
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Working with the System State Only
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tificate is superseded by the certificate that was issued by the root CA. Because of this, you must revoke the original certificate.
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C. SymmetricAlgorithm.IV D. SymmetricAlgorithm.Mode 3. Under which circumstances should you export the private key from an asymmetric encryption algorithm A. When transferring data across a network for a single session B. When a remote computer will be sending you a private file that you must be able to decrypt C. When you are encrypting a file that needs to be read later D. When you are sending a remote computer a private file that the remote computer must be able to decrypt 4. Which of the following are keyed hashing algorithms (Choose all that apply.) A. RIPEMD160 B. HMACSHA1 C. SHA512 D. MACTripleDES E. MD5
Troubleshooting Post-Installation System Settings
Until Windows Vista, services could have only two startup modes: manual and auto-start. Manual-start services required the user (or an administrative application on the user s behalf) to start the service. The usual alternative was the auto-start mode, when it was required for the service to be started during system boot, before the user even logs on. When the system starts, auto-start services significantly interfere with the system s startup performance because they perform their initialization while the user is trying to start using the machine immediately after booting it and logging on. To address this issue, Windows Vista introduces delayed auto-start services, which are services designated to auto-start shortly (approximately two minutes) after the system boot sequence and initial logon have completed. This allows the user to start interacting with her favorite applications without background services getting in the way.
Figure 10-27
Figure 11-5
Lesson 1: Sizing a Database Server
Why This Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-1
quiet mode A command-line parameter that causes a program to execute without displaying any indications of its progress.
Create an application that lets a user request a particular report to execute. Place the request on a queue and then use the Service Broker infrastructure to process the report in a background task and return the results to the user.
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