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VBScript has two major advantages over Windows PowerShell. The first is the fact that VBScript scripts can be run on all current versions of Windows using the WSH, whereas Windows PowerShell must be downloaded and installed on versions of Windows prior to Windows Server 2008 and requires .NET Framework 2.0 or greater. The second advantage of VBScript is that it has been around for many years, so there is an extraordinary amount of experience, knowledge, and community-posted information on the Internet. However, WSH does not provide a shell for directly executing commands. Additionally, VBScript as a language is not a particularly rich scripting language and does not fully use the .NET Framework. Although the WSH exists on Windows Server 2008 and VBScript is still supported, the way of the future is Windows PowerShell. That is why it was presented first in this lesson.
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Although these are recommended settings, cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors always support resolutions lower than the recommended one. Most monitors also support resolutions that are higher than these recommended figures. In terms of post-configuration troubleshooting, you need to set a resolution that suits the person using the computer. You also have to be sure that the monitor the person is using supports the resolution that you are
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Figure 11 1: Windows Installer Clean Up is a friendly interface for Msizap. 3. Confirm that you want to remove the application's Windows Installer data from the registry by clicking OK.
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Equal to the byte data type in most programming languages, cannot store negative values A signed 16-bit integer
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Because the UNIX program is verifying the workstation by using its host name, a reverse lookup zone is needed on this network. Reverse lookup zones resolve an IP address to a host name, whereas a forward lookup zone resolves host names to IP addresses. It is apparent from the information given in this question that users at one time were able to access the program. Hence, it appears that the DNS server that contained the reverse lookup zone is unavailable. In any event, the administrator needs to verify that a reverse lookup zone is available for the users and he or she should examine the possibility of creating a secondary zone for fault tolerance.
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Figure 10-36
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Gather performance and optimization data by using the SQL Server Profiler.
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B. Use the Phone And Modem Options in Control Panel to adjust the modem speeds.
Security Strategies
D. Incorrect: This console cannot be used to change the name of a stand-alone
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a new subsystem of SQL Server 2005 that replaces SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services. SSIS packages are commonly used to merge data from heterogeneous data sources, populate data warehouses, clean and standardize data, build business intelligence into a data transformation process, and automate administrative functions. In this chapter, you learn how to use the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) to design and construct SSIS packages. You also learn how to use the interface to secure sensitive data stored in packages, troubleshoot package execution using checkpoints, and deploy completed SSIS packages to other servers.
Roaming Profiles
Recommended Uses for Data Providers
These three options are listed in descending order of their cost and their infrastructure requirements. Each one, however, is capable of compiling an inventory of applications running on your workstations. To this inventory, you must then add any new applications that you are planning to deploy on your Windows 7 computers.
You can back up files onto the following:
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