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Files with extensions that are associated with certain database applications initially cannot be cached. By default, the following file types cannot be cached: *.slm; *.mdb; *.ldb; *.mdw; *.mde; *.pst; *.db
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Configuring Application Security (5.0)
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Configuring File System Permissions
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get-service | where-object { $_.status eq "Running" }
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using Microsoft.Web.Services3;
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Figure 5-1
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Objective 4.1
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c. Incorrect: Mandatory profiles are read-only profiles stored on network servers, but if
When you first install the Firewall Client on a client computer, it will connect to the ISA Server computer configured during the installation to complete the Firewall Client configuration. After installation, each time a computer running the Firewall Client restarts, the Firewall Client checks for any new client configuration settings on the server. This means that you can modify the Firewall Client by configuring the settings using ISA Server Management. The settings are then applied to the client when the client connects, or updated every six hours on the client computer if the client computer remains connected.
As a DST, many of the requests that you will receive will have more to do with making something look right than actually performing an advanced troubleshooting task. In addition to making the interface pleasing to the eye, though, you will also be asked to make it more functional.
Managing Data Storage
C. Incorrect: This is an invalid subnet mask. Subnet mask decimal quads can have
Defining a Self-Join
New PrincipalPermission ( CONTOSO\Administrator , Nothing)
Reading Sensor Data Asynchronously and Handling Sensor Events
<Customer Id="1" AccountNumber="AW00000001" Type="S"> <Orders> <Order Id="43860" OrderDate="2001-08-01T00:00:00" ShipDate="2001-08-08T00: 00:00">&lt;OrderDetail ProductId="761" Quantity="2"/&gt;&lt;OrderD etail ProductId="770" Quantity="1"/&gt;</Order><Order Id="44501" Ord erDate="2001-11-01T00:00:00" ShipDate="2001-11-08T00:00:00">&lt;OrderDetail ProductId="761" Quantity="1"/&gt;&lt;OrderDetail ProductId="768" Quantity= "3"/&gt;</Order> </Orders> </Customer>
Which of the following correctly delineates the differences between publishing a Web server using the Web publishing rules (including secure Web publishing) as opposed to using the Server publishing rules (Choose all that apply.) A. Server publishing rules allow IP address logging for the client computer on the Web server. B. Server publishing rules allow access to multiple protocols in one rule. C. Secure Web publishing rules support encryption. D. Server publishing rules do not use the Web Proxy filter. E. Server publishing rules support link translation.
In the exercises in this practice, you delete and update rows in the AdventureWorksDW2008 database. You should make a copy of your tables and work on the copies, or restore the original AdventureWorksDW2008 after completing the practices from this chapter.
In Figure 12-11, you can see a one-way trust between the domain and the domain. The Europe domain trusts the Sales domain, so users in the Sales domain can log on to computers in the Europe domain or connect to resources in the Europe domain. Figure 12-11 also shows a two-way trust between the domain and the domain. Users in each domain can be given access to resources in the other domain. Technically, all external trusts are nontransitive, one-way trusts. When you create a two-way external trust, you are actually creating two one-way trusts, one in each direction.
Understanding How a DNS Query Works
channelProperties["credentials"] = credCache;
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