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Problem Statements
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"VB Imports Imports Imports Imports System System.Runtime System.Runtime.Remoting System.Runtime.Remoting.Services
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Setting Application Mode, and Showing Contextual Tabs and Pop-Ups
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' VB SplitContainer1.IsSplitterFixed = Not SplitContainer1.IsSplitterFixed // C# splitContainer1.IsSplitterFixed = !(splitContainer1.IsSplitterFixed);
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Table 5-5 Network Object Access Rule Elements
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Troubleshooting the Operating System data matrix code
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Description A digitally signed object that contains the claims for a given user. When a security token is issued, it means that the user has successfully authenticated to an account federation server.
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1. How will you recover the missing data
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DSQUERY user "OU=Employees,DC=Contoso,DC=Com"
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Domains and multiple domains. Domain controllers are used in all types of domain configurations.
Table 2-24 StreamWriter Properties
Although your exact code will vary, it should resemble the following code:
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
The correct answer is e.
catalog view
and then make an asynchronous call to the service, enabling the thread to continue to accept requests. When the synchronousReceive element is present, WCF creates a thread for each request. That thread is then dedicated to processing the request. Although the throughput for that request might be good, there could be a scalability problem. The number of threads available on the system is limited and, although it can be easily increased, that might not always solve the problem. Systems have a finite number of threads, so there is always the possibility of running out of threads. Note also that the only time this element is used (on the client side) is if the client application implements a callback method. transactedBatching Element The transactedBatching element is yet one more element that applies to client applications that support callback methods. Just as transactions can be propagated from the client into the service, so too can transactions be propagated back from the service to the client. In fact, if you consider the possibilities, the same service (or multiple services) could call back to the client multiple times, all within the same transactions. The transactedBatching element supports a single attribute, named maxBatchSize. This is an integer value that contains the maximum number of requests received within a single transaction.
By using the preceding code, you can read values directly from a custom ConfigurationSection (provided it exists), write values to a custom ConfigurationSection (provided it exists) and create a custom ConfigurationSection if it doesn t yet exist. Another useful interface used throughout the System.Configuration namespace is the IApplicationSettingsProvider interface. In the first lesson, we used the ApplicationSettingsBase class. The ApplicationSettingsBase class, among others, implements the IApplicationSettingsProvider interface. (As an aside, the LocalFileSettingsProvider class also implements IApplicationSettingsProvider.) This interface has three methods, which are described in Table 9-4.
On the third filter condition box, you can set a parameter value, either by typing it in or by selecting Browse. The Browse facility is available only for certain parameters. In the case of the Department parameter, you type the name of the department. Figure 5-22 shows the filter configured for Department Equals Manufacturing.
<row CustomerID="1" AccountNumber="AW00000001" /> <row CustomerID="2" AccountNumber="AW00000002" />
Lesson 4: Working with Data in DataTable Objects
Literal1.Text = "<p>Sub Total: " + _
Planning an Active Directory Structure
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