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Verifying the DHCP Server
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USE AdventureWorksDW2008; GO EXECUTE sys.sp_cdc_enable_db; GO
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You can change the default settings for the Backup Utility for all backup-and-restore jobs by changing the settings on the tabs in the Options dialog box. To access the Options dialog box, on the Welcome To The Backup Or Restore Wizard page, click Advanced Mode. On the Tools menu, click Options.
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Lesson 1
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Designing a Remote Access Strategy
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Microsoft assigns a classification to each update it publishes. The classification allows you to prioritize the deployment of updates, and you should test and deploy updates that have a more urgent classification before testing and deploying updates with less urgent classifications. The update bulletin provides details on its classification as well as the location from which you can obtain the update files if an automated update solution is not in place. Updates published by Microsoft can have one of the following three classifications: generate data matrix barcode
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nonproduction environment, users are not affected. You should vary the restore type, testing single mailbox restores, complete server restores, and full site restores.
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For Database Mirroring, you must configure the principal, mirror, and witness endpoints on different SQL Server instances.
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Searching E-mail
Configure routing for the back-end array members In most cases, you can just configure the default gateway on the back-end array to use the front-end array servers. Configure the perimeter network on the internal array This network should include only the IP addresses for the perimeter network. After configuring the perimeter network, configure a network rule that defines the relationship between the back-end array s Internal network and the perimeter network. This step is required only if you need to define firewall rules that allow access to or from the entire perimeter network. Configure network objects Instead of configuring a network object for the perimeter network, you can configure network objects for the computers in the perimeter network. For example, if you deploy a Web server in the perimeter network and that Web server will need access to the internal network, you should configure a computer set for the Web server. Then configure the firewall rule granting access to the back-end Internal network to use the computer set rather than the entire perimeter network. You should also configure a network object for the front-end ISA Server computers that contains the IP addresses for the network adapters connected to the perimeter network (as well as the virtual IP address if NLB is configured). Then use this network object when configuring firewall rules for the front-end servers to access resources such as Configuration Storage servers on the back-end Internal network. Configure access to perimeter network resources In some cases, you may need to provide access to servers in the perimeter network for internal users. To enable this, you can either configure a publishing rule or an access rule.
Explain how Group Policy works and what it is used for. Describe how Group Policy Objects are combined. Decide on a strategy for implementing Group Policy in an organization.
C. Incorrect: Receiving an error message when pinging the local loopback address
Scheduling and Securing Deployed Reports and Data Sources
Figure 13-6: Displaying the basic system check for Hardware Device And Driver Checks You can expand Performance, Software Configuration, Hardware Configuration, CPU, Network, Disk, Memory, and Report Statistics. For example, expanding Software Configuration lets you access more information, as shown in Figure 13-7, although no faults or warnings are displayed in this screen shot. If a fault was detected, you can explore further by expanding any of the nodes marked with a + symbol.
1. Where is the connection object located that was created as a result of running the Data Source Configuration Wizard A. In the application configuration file
figure 8-31 Use PerfMon to watch how performance counters change over time.
A. Orin has achieved the primary goal and all secondary goals. B. Orin has achieved the primary goal and one secondary goal. C. Orin has achieved the primary goal and no secondary goals. D. Orin has not achieved the primary goal and has achieved all secondary goals. E. Orin has not achieved the primary goal and has achieved one secondary goal. F. Orin has achieved none of the goals.
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