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Data Storage
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Deadlock graph
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Quick Check Answer
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A class library designed to be used with development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. It provides a programmatic interface to objects within SQL Server.
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1. On CLIENT1, log on as an Administrator. 2. Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options. 3. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Connections tab. 4. Click LAN Settings. On the LAN Settings page, click Use A Proxy Server For Your LAN. In the Address box, type ISA1. In the Port box, type 8080. 5. Select Bypass Proxy Server For Local Addresses. Click OK twice. 6. In the Address box, type The connection will fail. 7. Review the Proxy Message. 8. Switch to the ISA1 virtual machine and locate the events logged that used the HTTP protocol and the Destination Port of 8080. Confirm that the request was denied by the Default rule. 9. On the Tasks tab, click Stop Query. Close all open windows.
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Understanding NAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-45
For SQL Server to utilize certificates for SSL encryption, they must be valid and must meet the following conditions:
Designing Database Security
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Installing and Configuring Office Applications
Finally, you can pipe the output of commands based on the Get-Message cmdlet into other commands. Typically, you would not pipe this output into the Remove-Message cmdlet, which has its own selection parameters (as has the Suspend-Message cmdlet), but you could, for example, pipe it into a command based on the Export-Message cmdlet. You need to suspend a message before you can export it, so you would need the following two commands:
Note For more details about configuring and using ISA Server monitoring tools including logging, see 11, Implementing Monitoring and Reporting.
An indication of the stress that is placed on server resources and on major applications that run on a server, such as Exchange Server 2007. A process by which high availability is achieved using two Mailbox severs that share the same storage device.
In this lab you will use Command objects to execute SQL statements and stored pro cedures as well as using DataReaders to iterate through the returned data.
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2. Click New Query, and type the following SQL statement to create a new stored procedure named GetProductListing:
Quick Check Answers 1. No. The Data contract is not inherited, so any derived class, such as the Customer class, would have to be explicitly declared as having a Data contract as well. 2. Likely the best way to handle this would be to design a Message contract that accepts these proprietary authentication tokens in the header. 3. Yes. You need only adorn your service with the DataContractFormatAttribute and explicitly set the attribute s Style property to OperationFormatStyle.Rpc.
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This section lists supplemental readings by objective. We recommend that you study these sources thoroughly before taking exam 70-270. Objective 3.1 Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 2001. Read 12, Disk Management, and 13, File Systems. These chapters explain the various storage types and partition styles available in Windows XP Professional, the Disk Management snap-in, and the command-line utilities you can use to manage storage devices. Review 27, Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems. This chapter outlines the troubleshooting tools available in Windows XP Professional, discusses many common problems relating to disk devices, and tells you how to correct them (available online at XP/all/reskit/en-us/prork_overview.asp).
# of hosts per subnet = 26 - 2
Objective 2.5 Questions 1.
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