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in Figure 5-17, allows you to configure the keyboard options StickyKeys, FilterKeys, and ToggleKeys.
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Software developers create Windows Installer packages for their products. For example, Microsoft distributes updates for Microsoft Office 2003 as Windows Installer packages. Developers within your organization can also create Windows Installer packages to simplify the deployment of the application. In particular, Windows Installer packages make it extremely easy to distribute an application by using Active Directory software distribution. Although you do not need to know exactly how to configure software distribution by using Active Directory Group Policy objects, you must understand it conceptually and be able to troubleshoot the problems that can arise. To succeed at this objective, you must understand the purpose of Windows Installer packages. You should have hands-on experience installing, configuring, and removing Windows Installer packages using both graphical tools and the Msiexec.exe commandline tool. If you have an Active Directory domain controller at your disposal, having hands-on experience distributing Windows Installer packages using Active Directory software distribution will give you a deeper understanding of the capabilities.
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Lesson 2: Using Common Reference Types
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Where The Message Is On Specified Newsgroup Where The Subject Line Contains Specific Words
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.NET forms to authenticate Web users with a custom authentication Create ASP mechanism.
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A. Domain Local
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Figure 7-6: Multiple active network profiles in the WFAS console Creating WFAS Rules The process for configuring inbound rules and outbound rules is essentially the same: In the WFAS console, select the node that represents the type of rule that you want to create and then click New Rule. This opens the New Inbound (or Outbound) Rule Wizard. The first page, shown in Figure 7-7, allows you to specify the type of rule that you are going to create. You can select between a program, port, predefined, or custom rule. The program and predefined
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Figure 6-1
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Maintaining the Operating System
Figure 3-14
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: Before attempting an installation of Windows XP Professional, you should verify that the hardware and drivers on the computer are listed in the Win dows Catalog. If you want to continue an installation that fails, you should try to remove all nonsupported hardware to get past the error, and then reconnect the device after installation. B. Incorrect: Because the user requested that the installation be done, this is not the best answer. You should first attempt to remove any nonsupported devices to get past the installation error. C. Incorrect: Windows XP Professional can be installed on any computer as long as the components are listed in the Windows Catalog. D. Incorrect: Windows XP Professional does not require the presence of an operat ing system before it can be installed.
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Alternatively, you could then assign the postmaster address as a secondary address on the user account that will be responsible for dealing with postmaster inquiries. In the event that person leaves your organization, you can move the postmaster address, as necessary. Ensuring that the postmaster address is watched is an important part of the responsibility of being a mail administrator. For example, if someone from within your organization has been sending spam, the postmaster e-mail address is the first place that some notification about it will exist. It is better to monitor this address than to find out that your mail domain has been placed on a blocking list because you were not aware that a rogue user was sending out unsolicited commercial e-mail.
C. Incorrect: Rooslan has achieved the first secondary goal by mounting the disks
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