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CREATE TABLE Test.CustomersPartitioned ( CustomerID INT IDENTITY NOT NULL ,AccountNumber VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ,ModifiedDate DATETIME2 NOT NULL ) ON PSCustomerID (CustomerID);
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Lesson 1
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Recovering from a filegroup backup
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One very interesting column in the result set is load factor. Load factor indicates the perceived load on a scheduler. This value is used to determine whether a new task should be put on this scheduler or another scheduler. This value is useful for debugging purposes when it appears that schedulers are not evenly loaded. In SQL Server 2000, a task is routed to a particular scheduler. However, in SQL Server 2005, the routing decision is made based on the load on the scheduler. SQL Server 2005 also uses a load factor of nodes and schedulers to
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Lesson 1: Transaction Basics
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A number of default OUs and containers are created during the installation of Active Directory. These default OUs and containers include the following:
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In this practice, you are configuring the Snapshot Agent to run under the SQL Server Agent security context. In a real-world scenario, this is not a recommended practice.
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One of the more important aspects of a TRY. . .CATCH block is that no error messages are sent to an application unless a RAISERROR is executed within the CATCH block. Within the CATCH block, you have access to the following functions:
Distribution Points the package Package status
Planning and Installing ISA Server 2004 (1.0)
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' Create a StringBuilder to store the results of the query
Web Site Selection WSUS installs to the default Web site, port 80, of an IIS server. If the server hosts an existing Web site on port 80, you may configure WSUS to install to an alternate site, which will be assigned to port 8530. You can change this port after setup has completed. Mirror Update Settings This page of the Microsoft Windows Server Update Services Setup Wizard, shown in Figure 9-1, allows you to create a replica WSUS server, which replicates updates, approvals, group definitions, and configuration settings from another WSUS server. It is possible to configure a replica only at this point in the setup process: select the This Server Should Inherit Settings From The Following Server check box and enter the Server Name and TCP Port. After installation is complete, you cannot configure an existing stand-alone server as a replica, nor can you configure a replica to act as a standalone server. This page of the Setup Wizard is misleading for many administrators who attempt to create a downstream server during setup. Downstream servers, which download update files from an upstream server but maintain independent approvals, group definitions, and many settings, are configured after setup. When installation is complete, you are ready to configure and administer WSUS. In fact, the last page of the Microsoft Windows Server Update Services Setup Wizard, by default, launches the Web administration page for WSUS.
Lesson 1: Assessing Data Recovery Needs
Configure Windows Defender. Configure Dynamic Security for Internet Explorer 7.
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Practice 2: Obtaining a DDL Trigger Example
Drop the mining structure. Your code should look like this:
Windows XP Professional supports two types of compression: NTFS compression and the Compressed Folders feature. NTFS compression enables you to compress files, folders, or an entire drive. NTFS compressed files and folders occupy less space on an NTFS-formatted volume, which enables you to store more data. Each file and folder on an NTFS volume has a compression state, which is either compressed or uncompressed. The Compressed Folders feature allows you to create a compressed folder so that all files you store in that folder are automatically compressed.
Welcome to MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-270): Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Second Edition. This book introduces you to the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system and prepares you to install, configure, and support Windows XP Professional. You will learn how to work with Windows XP Professional in a networked environment. This book focuses on the following:
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