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3. Which of the following statements about user profiles are correct (Choose all that apply.) a. A user profile is a collection of folders and data that stores the user s current desktop environment, application settings, and personal data. b. A user profile contains all the network connections that are established when a user logs on to a computer.
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Securing an application when you can t trust the user is challenging, because you have to authenticate the user, authorize the request, and validate the input. These same tasks are necessary when calling external components and services, making a distributed application even more complex to provide security for. You must use care to minimize the risk associated with calling external components and services. This chapter provides guidelines for evaluating the risk posed by differ ent types of components and development techniques that take advantage of security features built into the Microsoft .NET Framework. Exam Objectives in this :
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Practice: Auditing File System Access
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Pulling Out All Transact-SQL Captured by the Trace
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Project Planning Build
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Table 7-2
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Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
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2. Several software engineers from the IT department want to work remotely from home to meet project deadlines. They all have Internet connectivity and you have been asked to implement a remote access strategy that would allow the software engineers to perform their work from home. One of the managers at work says that it would be too risky and that competitors would easily be able to intercept the proprietary software being developed because the Internet has little or no security. What solution would you recommend to solve this problem and allay the fears of the manager concerned about the Internet vulnerabilities
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Configure administrative user accounts for ISA Server management Install Configuration Storage server on DC1
' VB anElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Test")
Creating Detailed Design
You must be a member of the Administrators or Account Operators groups on the domain controllers to create a computer object in Active Directory. Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins are, by default, members of the Administrators group. Alternatively, it is possible to delegate administration so that other users or groups can create computer objects.
Doing this allows us to perform operations as concurrently as our hardware will allow.
Table 11-1
Windows ships with dozens of performance counter categories, and external frameworks augment this set with their own diagnostic information. For example, ASP.NET features its own performance counters, Microsoft SQL Server has its own, and even individual applications might have performance counters for diagnostic and monitoring purposes. The most obvious limitation of performance counters is that the information you can provide through this mechanism is restricted to numeric types only. For example, you can easily report the number of users logged on to your server, the percent of connections that were dropped, and even the rate of a physical event occurring. However, you can t render a report containing strings or other complex data types, and the maximum nesting of the report is limited to the category instance counter hierarchy. Despite these limitations, performance counters are an extremely popular and useful mechanism, primarily because the means to consume performance information ships with Windows and doesn t require any additional installation which is extremely useful when diagnosing problems in the field. The Performance Monitor utility (perfmon, also accessible from the Administrative Tools area of the Control Panel) is your primary tool to work with performance counters. By adding performance counters to the main view, you can use the Line, Histogram, or Report views to see the data flowing live onto the screen, and then you can configure the sampling time interval for the counters of interest.
A customer tells you that she has always had trouble spelling certain words. She has noticed that Microsoft Word fixes the spelling of some words when she types them and wants to know whether she can add her own common misspellings. What should you tell her A. Use Word s AutoFormat As You Type feature to add new words to the list. B. Use Word s AutoCorrect feature to add new words to the list. C. Use Word s AutoText feature to add new words to the list. D. Word does not support adding new words for automatic spelling correction.
Each subkey in HKU is also a hive. For example, HKU\.DEFAULT is a hive, and its hive file is %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\config\default. The remaining subkeys come from two different sources, though. The hive HKU\SID is in the hive file %USERPROFILE%\Ntuser.dat, while the hive HKU\SID_Classes is in the hive file %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings \Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat. Each time a new user logs on to Windows XP, the operating system creates a new profile for that user using the default user profile. The profile contains a new Ntuser.dat hive file, which is the user profile hive. You learn much more about user profiles and how to deploy them in 10, "Deploying User Profiles." To see which profiles Windows XP has loaded, and the hive file that corresponds to each hive, see the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. This key contains one subkey for each profile that the operating system has ever loaded, past or present. The subkey's name is the name of the hive in HKU, and the value ProfileImagePath contains the path to the hive file, which is always Ntuser.dat. ProfileList does not mention the SID_Classes hives, however; it contains only user profile hives. Note Windows 2000 limited the size of the registry, but Windows XP does not. This means that the operating system no longer limits the amount of space that the registry hives consume in memory or on the hard disk. Microsoft made an architectural change to the way Windows XP maps the registry into memory, eliminating the need for the size limit you might have struggled with in Windows 2000.
Enumerate management objects. Create queues. Respond to events.
Figure 2-1
Failed Kerberos test
If you know the location to the printer (or at least the name of the print server that the printer is attached to), you can enter the path in the Run dialog box (available by selecting Run from the Start menu). Entering the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the printer (for example, \\Computer1\HPLaser6P) automatically con nects you to the printer. Entering just the name of the server (for example, \\Computer1) displays all the resources on that computer. You can then right-click the printer and select the Connect option, just as if you had browsed for it in My Network Places.
Normal backup job to back up the C:\Data\Finance folder to a file called C:\BackupFinance.bkf (replacing the media), every Sunday at 9:00 P.M. Differential backup job to back up the same folder to the same file (appending to the media), at 12:15 A.M. on Tuesday through Saturday (that is, Monday night through Friday night).
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