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At its most basic, configuring Exchange Server 2007 for high availability ensures that Exchange can continue to function after the failure of critical hardware components. Each high availability strategy protects against a different type of failure, and not every high availability strategy is appropriate for a particular Exchange Server 2007 role. In this lesson, you will learn which server roles to apply particular high availability strategies to and the types of disasters a particular high availability strategy will protect against.
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After this lesson, you will be able to
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To use offline files, the following conditions must be met: 1. The shared folder must be made available offline. Windows configures all shared folders to be available offline by default. 2. You must configure the client computer to use the shared folder as an offline resource. Offline files are available by default on all shared folders. To access the Offline Files configuration options for a shared folder on the computer that is sharing the folder, complete the following steps: 1. In Windows Explorer, right-click the shared folder that you want to make available offline, and then select the Sharing option from the action menu. 2. Click Caching. 3. In the Caching Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 5-23, in the Setting drop menu, select one of the following options and then click OK:
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If you do not intend to connect your device to the computer on a regular basis or to synchronize with the computer, you can connect the device without setting up a partnership. You are then able to browse and open files on the device, import pictures from the device, and perform other tasks that do not require a partnership with the computer. In this case, plug your device into the computer, and click Quick Connect when WMDC opens with the screen shown previously in Figure 13-17.
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Lesson Summary
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Initializing a Lease Programmatically
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Diagnose and resolve caching issues
Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
Chain of Trust
Commonly Used Troubleshooting Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-40
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Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery (5.0)
Meeting the requirements for creating an indexed view may seem prohibitive. However, the main advantage of an indexed view is that the data is already materialized and does not have to be calculated on the fly, as with a regular view. Indexed views can provide a significant performance gain when you have queries that combine large volumes of data, such as with aggregates. Indexed views have to be maintained when changes occur to the underlying tables, so an indexed view shouldn t be created against tables that receive large volumes of data modifications.
5. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in and check to confirm that the groups were created successfully. You might need to refresh the view if the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in was open prior to performing the step.
View users connected to shared folders
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