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Drawer QR in .NET figURE 12-9 The Properties sheet for a Windows 7 VPN connection

To use a dynamic disk, you must be running Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional. Portable computers do not support dynamic disks.
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Troubleshooting Installed Hardware
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Rather than implementing ReadyBoost, you can use the flash memory device to hold the page file. Lesson 2, Troubleshooting Reliability Issues by Using Built-In Diagnostic Tools, describes how to configure virtual memory. In addition to moving virtual memory to a second hard disk, you can also allocate flash memory for this purpose, provided this flash memory has not already been allocated to ReadyBoost. Currently there is very little advantage to doing this, and there are several disadvantages. Flash memory used in this fashion does not boost performance as much as ReadyBoost and might not boost performance at all if the computer is paging large contiguous files. Using flash memory to hold the paging file can significantly reduce the life of the flash memory device and (unlike ReadyBoost) you can, and probably will, lose data if the device is removed while the computer is working. However, hybrid and solid state storage devices with built-in RAM (as opposed to plug-in USB flash memory) could change this situation. We shall therefore look briefly at these technologies.
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Scenario 2 Question
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Description Assigns each application an equal amount of resources. Groups processes assigned to each user who is running them and assigns equal resources to each group. Allocates resources equally to each session connected to the system. Allocates resources equally to each running IIS application pool. Description Used to match services or applications to a policy. Can be selected by file name, command, specified users, or groups. Used to allocate processor and memory resources to the processes that match criteria you specify. Used to exclude applications, services, users, or groups from management by WSRM. Can also use command-line paths to exclude applications from management. Use a calendar interface to set time-based events to resource allocation. Supports policy-based workloads because you can set policies to be active at specific times of day, specific days, or other schedules. Used to set conditions based on specific events to determine whether policy will run.
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To produce a list of devices, drivers, and system configuration, you can use the Print command on the Action menu, described above, or use the Driverquery command to output a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The parameters for the Driverquery are listed in Table 10-2.
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A group of 40 developers who work in a department in your organization has lobbied management for a separate set of password policies specific to its members. The developers want the minimum password age set to 0 days and the maximum password age set to 28 days. Which of the following methods will allow you to alter the password policy for this group of developers A. Create a child domain of the current domain and move the developers accounts to this domain. Edit the Default Domain GPO of the child domain and implement the separate password policy requested by the developers. B. Create a separate OU and move the 40 developers user accounts into this OU. Create and edit a new GPO, implementing the separate password policy requested by the developers through this GPO. Apply the GPO to the newly created OU hosting the developers accounts. C. Resubnet the network and create a new site within Active Directory. Place all the developers workstations onto this new subnet. Create and edit a new GPO, implementing the separate password policy requested by the developers through this GPO. Apply the GPO to the newly created site hosting the developers computer accounts. D. Edit the Local GPO on each of the developer s workstations, implementing the separate password policy requested by the developers through this GPO.
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Data Type Category Exact numeric Approximate numeric Monetary
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Configure and Troubleshoot I/O Devices
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You can quickly access the Windows networking components by opening Network Con nections and selecting Optional Networking Components from the Advanced menu. This pro cess opens the Windows Optional Networking Components Wizard, which includes three components: Management And Monitoring Tools, Networking Services, and Other Network File And Print Services. Certificate Services cannot be installed through this shortcut.
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Lesson Summary
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 3, Troubleshooting Installations and Upgrades. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP)
For an extensive list of errors generated by the database engine, consult the following article on MSDN:
At design time, you can add nodes to a TreeView control by clicking the Nodes property in the Properties window to display the TreeNode Editor (shown in Figure 3-6). You can add new root nodes or new child nodes and set the properties of each TreeNode.
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