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Understand the relationship between devices and drivers Use Device Manager to analyze detected devices Use Device Manager to install a device code to print barcode
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Table 9-5
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To delete the VPN connection, in the Network Connections window, right-click the icon representing the VPN connection, and then click Delete. When prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
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Designing Transactions and Transaction Isolation
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Estimated lesson time: 25 minutes
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Lesson 1 Review
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SalesTable.Columns.Add("SalesOrderID", Type.GetType("System.Int32"))
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Access rights for SCP creation
Audit failed to events
8. On the page with the title CloneMailbox (this is the name of the Mailbox Database you created in step 4), click on Browse next to the Local continuous replication Exchange database file path textbox. Browse to the C:\LCR-COPY folder and click Save. Verify that the settings on the page with the title CloneMailbox match those shown in Figure 13-5 and then click Next.
A. Reinstall the antivirus software.
Option Column name pattern: ElementName!TagNumber!AttributeName! Directive
Using the Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit 5.0
A. Correct: Although the remote computer name appears in the snap-in, Error 1722
Lesson 2 Review
The installation process for Windows XP Professional combines the Setup program with wizards and informational screens. Installing Windows XP Professional from a CD-ROM to a clean hard disk consists of these four stages: Text mode setup During the text mode phase of installation, Setup prepares the hard disk for the later installation stages and copies the files necessary to run the Setup Wizard. Setup Wizard The Setup Wizard requests setup information about the computer, such as names, and passwords. Network setup After gathering information about the computer, the Setup Wizard prompts you for networking information and then installs the networking components that allow the computer to communicate with other computers on the network. Completing the installation Setup copies files to the hard disk and configures the computer. The system restarts after installation is complete. The following sections cover the four stages in more detail.
Because of the decentralized nature of the company, all business information, ranging from financial data to marketing-related data, has been difficult to consolidate. In addition, despite the number of people employed by the company, no central e-mail system yet exists for employees.
After this lesson, you will be able to
For help with any command-line program, at the command prompt, type the command followed by / and then press ENTER. For example, to receive help on the Convert command, type Convert / and then press ENTER.
Windows Installer service This is a service that uses Windows Installer packages (described next) as instruction sets to deploy and update software. Windows Installer Packages These are self-executing script files that contain all the instructions necessary for the Windows Installer service to carry out instal lation, updating, or repair of software. Windows Installer Package files have the file extension msi.
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