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This code causes the user s user name and password to be added to the HTTP headers. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) uses these headers for authentication in exactly the same way it authenticates a user who enters a user name and password when prompted by a Web browser. Explicitly providing credentials is only slightly more complicated. The following code sample from a console application gathers the user s credentials from command-line arguments and prepares a SoapHttpClientObject object to present those credentials:
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There are several new concepts introduced with Active Directory. It is important that you understand their meaning as applied to Active Directory.
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5. Click Next. 6. Select Account Is Disabled. Click Next. 7. The summary page appears. Click Finish.
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On the exam as well as real life, you can deploy Active Directory with the least amount of administrative effort by installing your network s first DNS domains, along with its first Active Directory domains, on computers running Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003. This news is hardly surprising because only in Windows environments are the many SRV records required for Active Directory created automatically. If you want to deploy DNS on a UNIX server and integrate the UNIX server into an Active Directory infrastructure, configure the UNIX server as a secondary DNS server.
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those OUs to manage the configuration of these computer objects. If a new computer object is created outside of those OUs, in the default computer container, the permissions and configuration it inherits from its parent container will be different than what it should have received. You will then need to remember to move the computer from the default container to the correct OU after joining the domain. Two steps are recommended to reduce the likelihood of this problem. First, always try to prestage computer accounts. If an account is prestaged for a computer in the correct OU, then when the computer joins the domain, it will use the existing account and will be subject to the correct delegation and configuration. Second, to reduce the impact of systems being joined to the domain without a prestaged account, change the default computer container so that it is not the Computers container itself but, instead, is an OU that is subject to appropriate delegation and configuration. For example, if you have an OU called Clients, you can instruct Windows to use that OU as the default computer container, so that if computers are joined to the domain without prestaged accounts, the objects are created in the Clients OU. The Redircmp.exe command, available on domain controllers, redirects the default computer container with the following syntax:
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Figure 12-38: Adding a search provider 4. Close and then open the Manage Add-ons dialog box. Verify that the search provider that you installed is now available. Select the Accelerators option and then click Find More Accelerators. Internet Explorer again navigates to the Web page that hosts an add-on gallery. This time it presents a list of accelerators. Click the Mapping category. Locate a mapping accelerator, as shown in Figure 12-39, and then click Add To Internet Explorer.
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Name ConnectionString ConnectionTimeout Database
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Memory, disk, and network components Processor, disk, network, and memory Disk, cache, and network components
' VB Dim DemoCategories() As PerformanceCounterCategory = PerformanceCounterCategory.GetCategories("machinename")
Windows Forms and the User Interface
Practice: Performing Different Backup Types
In most cases, a VPN remote-access server can only validate the credentials of remoteaccess users and computers. If the remote-access users successfully authenticate, they can access all resources on the internal network. However, the remote-access client computer may not comply with corporate security policies. In this situation, you can use VPN quarantine control to prevent remote access to a private network until a client-side script validates the remote-access client configuration. VPN quarantine control allows you to scan the VPN client computer configuration before allowing them access to the organization s network. To enable VPN quarantine, you create a Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) package that includes a VPN client profile and a VPN-quarantine client-side script. This script runs on the remote-access client when the client connects to the VPN server. The script checks the security configuration of the client and reports the results to the VPN server. If the client passes the security configuration check, the client is granted access to the organization s network. If you use ISA Server as the VPN server, and the script reports that the client meets the software requirements for connecting to the network, the VPN client is moved from the Quarantined VPN Clients network to the VPN Clients network. You can set different access policies for hosts on the Quarantined VPN Clients network compared to the VPN Clients network. In this way, you can limit network access until the clients have cleared quarantine, and then provide full access. Although quarantine control does not protect against attackers, computer configurations for authorized users can be verified and, if necessary, corrected before they can access the network. A timer setting is also available, which you can use to specify an interval at which the connection is dropped if the client fails to meet configuration requirements. The following clients can use VPN quarantine:
Boot up the server using a bootable CD-ROM, and copy all the server data to a removable drive, bypassing logon security. Install a keylogger to get access to Administrator passwords. Use a screwdriver to open the server and leave the building with the hard disk drives.
To restore missing toolbars and to customize features in any Office application, use the View menu and choose Customize. Embedded objects become a permanent part of the document into which they are embedded. Linked objects are still attached to the source document from which they are generated. If you change the source document, linked objects are updated, whereas embedded objects are not. You can normally recover lost files just by restarting an application after it crashes. Office applications use saved files called AutoRecover files to safeguard against data loss. You can also use the Microsoft Office Application Recovery tool when a program crashes.
ntdsutil activate instance NTDS snapshot list all quit quit >snapshot.txt
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have
How to Verify a Successful ISA Server Installation
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