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User rights assignments allow you to control the basic system functions that a user can perform. You will learn about user rights in detail in Lesson 3, Configuring User Rights. Security options allow you to control various security settings in Windows XP Professional. You will learn about security options in detail in Lesson 4, Configuring Security Options. display barcode font
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INSERT Test.IndexInsertTest (Col1) SELECT TOP(1000000) ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY message_id) AS Col1 FROM sys.messages AS sm CROSS JOIN ( SELECT TOP(15) 1 AS Col FROM sys.messages ) AS x;
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In these two practices, you will perform two tasks that are integral to managing and troubleshooting Windows Vista device drivers. The first practice task involves configuring Windows Update Driver Settings. These settings control Windows Vista s behavior in looking for new drivers when a new hardware device is detected. The second practice involves configuring Windows Vista s system failure settings.
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6. A Connect To Database Engine dialog box opens. Make sure that you connect to the test server in which you created the FileImportDB database. 7. Click Execute to run the script and create a table named Exam within the FileImportDB database. 8. Verify that the script ran without error and that the Exam table was created. 9. Become familiar with the ExamImportFile.txt file. (Open the file in Notepad.) It is ANSI character data, with four columns separated (delimited) by tabs, and rows delimited by the newline character. Also note that the fourth column is always empty (NULL in our case). You will use the fourth column in a later practice. The four columns in the file are ExamID, ExamName, ExamDescription, and ExamXML, in that order. 10. Don t open any of the bcp, BulkInsert, or OpenRowSet command files yet. They are included in case you have difficulty in later practices.
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Test Name Netcard Queries Test Domain Membership Test
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Lesson 4
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Promote the computer to domain controller. Ensure that you configure the new domain so that it exists in a new forest. Configure the domain name to be Tailspintoys.internal Ensure that Database, Log, and Sysvol files are hosted in default locations. Configure the DNS service to be hosted locally. Ensure that permissions are configured to be compatible only with Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003. Configure the Administrator account password and Active Directory restore mode password as P@ssw0rd. Download and install Windows Server 2003 SP2. This service pack can be applied to both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2. Installing this service pack will also ensure that Microsoft Management Console (MMC) version 3.0 is present on your computer. Keep the SP2 file in a known location, as it will be necessary to reapply the service pack after adding additional components to Windows Server 2003. This computer can run on its own hardware or within a virtual machine, though if it is running in a virtual machine, you must ensure that the host operating system is also 64 bit.
If a user attempts to install software by using an unsigned setup program, the user experience is different from what it would be if the program were signed. If the setting User Account Control: Only Elevate Executables That Are Signed And Validated is Enabled, unsigned installation software will not run. However, the process of validating software and obtaining a digital signature is a lengthy one, and even the most reputable software suppliers sometimes release unsigned programs. If software behaves as if it is unsigned, then it is likely that it actually is unsigned. If it is from a reputable and trusted source, it is unlikely to harm your computer. By default, UAC specifies that UIAccess applications can run with elevated privileges only if they are installed in secure locations. This prohibition applies whether the application is digitally signed or not. By default, these applications are installed in secure locations, but sometimes they are moved or copied. If such an application is giving problems, check its location. Windows Vista runs most legacy software that was designed for use on earlier OSs. Some third-party applications designed for use with Windows 95 (or earlier) attempt to access the hard disk directly. Such programs do not run, nor should they. Third-party disk manager and virus-checking software might have compatibility problems. You should not attempt to run such programs. Windows Vista offers virtualization of secure locations and the Program Compatibility Wizard. If neither of these facilities permits a legacy program to run, it probably is just as well.
11. Build the project, and resolve any errors. Run the application and you should see the word Microsoft in the console window.
To apply the new settings, click OK.
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CREATE TRIGGER tddl_tabledropalterprevent ON DATABASE FOR DROP_TABLE, ALTER_TABLE AS PRINT 'Tables cannot be dropped or altered!' ROLLBACK ;
6. Click OK to close the New Object Computer dialog box. 7. Right-click the Servers OU, choose New, and then select Computer. 8. The New Object Computer dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 5-3. 9. Type the computer s name in the Computer Name box: SERVER02. 10. Click the Change button next to the User Or Group box. 11. In the Select User Or Group dialog box that appears, enter the name of the user or group that will be allowed to join the computer to the domain: Server Admins. Click OK. 12. Click OK to close the New Object Computer dialog box. Exercise 3 Delegate the Ability to Create Computer Objects You must have permission to create computer objects to create accounts as you did in Exercise 2, Create Computer Objects. The Administrator account has such permissions, but you might want to delegate the ability to create computer accounts to other groups. In this exercise, you will delegate least-privilege permissions to create computer objects. 1. On SERVER01, open the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in. 2. Click the View menu and ensure that Advanced Features is selected. 3. Right-click Clients and choose Properties. 4. Click the Security tab. 5. Click Advanced. 6. Click Add. 7. Type Help Desk and click OK. 8. Click the Object tab. 9. In the Apply To drop-down list, choose This Object And All Descendant Objects. 10. In the Permissions list, select the check box for Allow next to the Create Computer Objects. 11. Click OK three times to close all dialog boxes. 12. You can test your delegation by launching a command prompt as Linda Mitchell and performing Exercise 1, Create a Computer with Dsadd, in Lesson 2, Automating the Creation of Computer Objects. Exercise 4 Redirect the Default Computer Container It is recommended to redirect the default computer container so that any new computer objects generated by joining a computer to the domain without a prestaged account will be created in a managed OU rather than in the Computers container. In this exercise, you will use Redircmp.exe to redirect the default computer container. 1. On SERVER01, open a command prompt. 2. Type the following command and press Enter:
In the previous chapter, you were introduced to multitouch in Windows 7 and to the various programming models offered for using it. By now, you have a solid understanding of how multitouch works in Windows 7, what the underlying architecture is, and the different programming models Windows 7 multitouch offers developers. The previous chapter focused on working with multitouch gestures, which we identified as the better programming option in the Good, Better, Best model. At this point, you know everything that is required to start working with multitouch gestures in Windows 7. Now that you ve read all about the good and better options in 5, Touch Me Now: An Introduction to Multitouch Programming, let s dive deep into the best programming option. This is the most powerful programming model Windows 7 has to offer developers. In this chapter, we describe how to build multitouch applications that provide amazing touch experiences, as well as how to handle raw touch messages and build your own simple version of a paint program using your fingers as pens. Also, we explain what the Manipulation and Inertia processors (included as part of Windows 7) are and how to use them to make your life a little easier.
An encrypted configuration file
Review the chapter summary. Review the list of key terms introduced in this chapter. Complete the case scenarios. These scenarios set up real-world situations involv ing the topics of this chapter and ask you to create a solution. Complete the suggested practices. Take a practice test.
B. ReceiveSecurityFilter C. SendSecurityFilter D. ProcessMessage 2. Classes that derive from the SendSecurityFilter class should implement which of the following methods (Choose the best answer.) A. ProcessMessage B. ValidateMessageSecurity C. SecureMessage D. CreateClientOutputFilter
A. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect. VisibleSqlServers is the instance name of the DataGridView in this lesson s example and not the object that returns the list of servers. B. Incorrect. GetDataSources is the method on the SqlDataSourceEnumerator and not the object that returns the list of servers.
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