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account over the last month, this will generate the required report.
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Configure a local domain table (LDT).
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Figure 2-1 demonstrates exactly how the application ID (AppID) is determined for a specific window. The dashed arrows represent fall-back scopes if the window does not have an explicit app ID, the process application ID is checked; if the process does not have an explicit application ID, the shortcut is checked; finally, the executable itself is used to compute the application ID.
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5. Open a new query window, execute the following INSERT SELECT statement against the TableWithCheckConstraint table three times, and record the execution time of the last execution. In this step, you insert data that adheres to the rule that is, is more than five characters long:
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Develop an exception handling mechanism.
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To specify a tape by its GUID, rather than its name, use the /G switch with the follow ing syntax: /G GUIDName where GUIDName specifies a valid tape in the media pool.
Windows Server 2003 adds a Printer Queue performance object, which allows you to monitor printer usage for each logical printer defined on the server. The Total Pages Printed counter pro vides important information about printer use. It is not perfect, because certain document properties and special printing features (such as a booklet printing or multiple-pages-per-page setting) will affect the printer hardware directly without the spool s being able to track their effects. However, it is the best approximation available. By configuring a performance log and capturing the counter, you can later analyze the log and bill for usage.
The wizard steps you through the creation of more complex policies and introduces confusion and extra work when a simple blocking policy is all you want. Instead of a wizard, you will get the policy properties dialog boxes after clicking Add. 10. On the IP Filter List tab, shown in Figure 11-26, click Add to create the filter list.
Designing Transactions and Transaction Isolation
The guest account should be disabled. For security reasons, you should not enable this account unless you have specific reasons for doing so.
Restoring Damaged or Deleted Files by Using Previous Versions
A user has returned from an extended business trip and reconnects her computer to the network. The user is able to log on but is not able to connect to any network resources. You examine the accounts associated with the user in Active Directory Users And Computers and note that the computer account for the user s laptop is marked with a red X icon. What should you do to solve the problem A. Reset the user s password in Active Directory. B. Reset the laptop computer account in Active Directory. C. Delete the laptop computer account from the domain, join the laptop to a workgroup, and then rejoin the laptop to the domain. D. Delete and re-create the laptop computer account.
Install the appropriate driver for the device with the Update Driver function in Device Manager.
Lesson Review
FiGURe 3-1 An actual execution plan in SSMS
Figure 4-4 Connection Manager dialog box used when creating a new data source for an Analysis Services project
X.509 certificates provide a clean, fairly easy-to-use mechanism for securing messages. A synopsis of how they are employed is provided here: 1. An installed X.509 certificate is used to generate a public and a private key pair. 2. The keys are first used to digitally sign an outgoing SOAP request. 3. On the server, the keys are used to decrypt the message that was encrypted in step 2. The most difficult part of using X.509 certificates is getting them installed on a machine. After they are installed, they can be used in the manner shown here:
Name server Query Result Name server Result Cache
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