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Imports System.Security
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It has already been mentioned that, due to the potential generation of a large number of performance counters, setting the performanceCounters attribute to All (or doing the equivalent
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Exercise 1: Consider Windows Server 2003 Fault-Tolerant Volumes
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How to Configure Internet Authentication Server for Network Quarantine
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Create user objects in Active Directory using the Active Directory Users and Computers
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string encryptedFileName = args[1];
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Identify hardware requirements. Perform a clean installation. Install and configure Windows Vista drivers.
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Define DimensiOn usage Within a cube
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Before You Begin
Supporting Internet Explorer in Windows XP
9. Finally, abort the inner transaction by adding the following line of code to the bottom of the second transaction scope s using block:
Figure 2-11
Integrating Domain Name System with AD DS
<deadlock-list> <deadlock victim="process6b9798"> <process-list> <process id="process6b8f28" taskpriority="0" logused="484" waitresource="KEY: 5:72057594044678144 (010086470766)" waittime="5859" ownerId="152716" transactionname="user_transaction" lasttranstarted="2006-03-01T21:52:40.877" XDES="0x8884b80" lockMode="S" schedulerid="1" kpid="4384" status="suspended" spid="56" sbid="0" ecid="0" priority="0" transcount="2" lastbatchstarted="2006-03-01T22:12:39.517" lastbatchcompleted="2006-03-01T22:12:35.893" clientapp="Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Query" hostname="WAKKO" hostpid="5988" loginname="WAKKO\admin" isolationlevel="read committed (2)" xactid="152716" currentdb="5" lockTimeout="4294967295" clientoption1="671090784" clientoption2="390200"> <executionStack> <frame procname="adhoc" line="1" stmtstart="24" sqlhandle="0x0200000065b7c70eb116ee82532161c54e5244ca43966c00"> SELECT [Name],[ReorderPoint],[StandardCost] FROM [Production].[Product] WHERE [ProductID]=@1 </frame> <frame procname="adhoc" line="1" sqlhandle="0x020000000747301e16f4ac6a5a7d86dd22031822e3d9c3c4"> select Name, ReorderPoint, StandardCost from Production.Product where ProductID = 1 </frame> </executionStack> <inputbuf> select Name, ReorderPoint, StandardCost from Production.Product where ProductID = 1 </inputbuf> </process> <process id="process6b9798" taskpriority="0" logused="356" waitresource="KEY: 5:72057594045005824 (0200b8bc7a9c)" waittime="1984" ownerId="156255" transactionname="user_transaction" lasttranstarted="2006-03-01T22:12:29.860" XDES="0x88854a8" lockMode="S" schedulerid="1" kpid="6028" status="suspended" spid="55" sbid="0" ecid="0" priority="0" transcount="1" lastbatchstarted="2006-03-01T22:12:43.393" lastbatchcompleted="2006-03-01T22:12:29.860" clientapp="Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Query" hostname="WAKKO" hostpid="5988" loginname="WAKKO\admin" isolationlevel="read committed (2)" xactid="156255" currentdb="5" lockTimeout="4294967295" clientoption1="671090784" clientoption2="390200"> <executionStack>
Ad hoc networks
Note Exercise 4 and Exercise 5 each require files from the Tools folder on the CD that is included with this book. Exercise 4 requires a file named Disclaimer. Exercise 5 requires a file named Bad Macro. You should copy these files from the Practice folder on the CD into your My Documents folder before starting these exercises.
Lesson 2
Lesson 2: Message-Level Security
Browsing: Enable Personalized Favorites Menu When enabled, Favorites that you have not recently accessed are hidden from view and are accessible by clicking the down arrow at the bottom of the Favorites menu.
Server Profiler trace and track the use of indexes. This trace could later be analyzed to find out which indexes were used, or rather, which indexes were not used. In SQL Server 2005, you can query a dynamic management view called sys.dm_db_index _usage_stats to find the index-usage information. The columns from this view that are particularly interesting are shown in Table 7-9. (You can see the whole table at SQL Server 2005 Books Online at
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Exam Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-48
Table 8-1 Symmetric Cryptography Classes
Before You Begin
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