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Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
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Recovering from Mirrored Disk Failures
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The Log File Viewer enables you to view many different logs.
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There are two types of MMC: preconfigured and custom. Preconfigured consoles are installed automatically when you add a role or feature, to support administration of that role or feature. They function in user mode, so you cannot modify them or save them. The user, however, can create custom consoles to provide exactly the tools and functionality required. In the following sections, you will look at both preconfigured and custom consoles.
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Lesson 2: Testing Assemblies for Vulnerabilities
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Preparing for Exchange Installation
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Operating Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-32
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F. Correct: This will generate the requisite data display. Although all Event IDs
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Print Job Defaults
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Questions and Answers
GetBuffer Read
Define and Evaluate a Testing Strategy
The Installer class provides a framework for creating custom installation packages for .NET applications. If an installation fails, the Installer will automatically undo any changes it has made. This includes changes to the file system, Start menu, Windows registry, and Desktop. The Commit method of the Installer class signals that the installation was successful and that changes can be persisted. The Rollback method of the Installer class signals that there was an error and that all modifications should be undone. The Uninstall method of the Installer class provides the primary mechanism for completely undoing an application installation after it has been successfully committed. The Registry view of an Installer s designer provides an interface to get, set, and manage Registry settings. Launch conditions can be used to specify preconditions for an application s installation.
a. Incorrect: Software Metering Client Agent, part of the System Center Configuration Manager
If you do not allow the creation of a particular type of rule for an array, no one, not even an enterprise administrator, can create that type of rule. If you want to configure that type of rule, you must enable the option to create the rule and then create the rule. If the computer running the ISA Server services belongs to a workgroup, but the Configuration Storage Server belongs to a domain, you need to create mirrored accounts on each ISA Server computer to facilitate intra-array communication and administration. Before you configure any publishing rules that require SSL termination on the front-end or back-end array, you must install the required server certificates on all members of the array. You must install the same server certificates on all array members. Normally, when you install Configuration Storage server on a computer that is not designated a domain controller, the service will run in the security context of the Network Service account. However, when you install Configuration Storage server on a domain controller, you must create a separate service account that is a member of the Domain Admins group. Or, you can run the .bat file created during the Configuration Storage server installation to configure the account with the required permissions. You must be an array-level ISA Server Administrator to install ISA Server in an array. As well, you must be a local Administrator on the ISA Server computer to install ISA Server services. If you are also installing Configuration Storage server on the computer, you must be an Enterprise ISA Server Administrator.
What will the output of the application now be Why
#region ITrackingHandler Members public void DisconnectedObject(object obj)
The Network Bridge feature allows you to connect network segments (groups of networked computers) without having to use a router or bridge. The feature essentially turns the computer running Windows XP Professional into a router by allowing it to pass data between network adapters installed on the computer, each of which is attached to a different network segment. Network Bridge allows you to connect different types of network media. Before Network Bridge, if you were using more than one media type, you needed a different subnet for each media type. Packet forwarding would be required because different protocols are used on different media types. Network Bridge automates the configuration that is required to forward information from one media type to another. To configure Network Bridge, do the following: 1. In the Network Connections window, select each of the network connections that you want to make part of the bridge. 2. Right-click one of the selected network connections, and then click Bridge Connections. The following are important Network Bridge considerations:
Lesson 6: Creating and Using DataView Objects
Lesson Summary
Figure 7-2
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