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Table 10-1 Event Classifications
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You can use dynamic SQL to build your cursors. This is done in the same way you would issue any SQL statement using dynamic SQL. You will need to include the DECLARE statement inside the dynamic SQL string. For example, the following Transact-SQL can be used to create a cursor named crsrProducts using dynamic SQL:
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The service pack level at the time of this writing is Service Pack 1 (SP1). Unless otherwise indicated, all the information in the chapter applies to both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 SP1.
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A logical backup device is an optional user-defined name that points to a specific phys ical backup device (a disk file or tape drive). A logical backup device is essentially an alias that points to a specific physical backup device. Defining a logical backup device involves assigning a logical name to a physical device. For example, the logical device AdvWorksTest could be defined to point to the G:\Development\Testing\AdventureWorksTest.bak file or to the \\.\tape0 tape drive. Backup and restore commands can then identify that file by specifying AdvWorksTest as the backup device, instead of G:\Development\Testing\AdventureWorksTest.bak or \\.\tape0 . To create a logical backup device, you can use the sp_addumpdevice stored procedure in Transact-SQL. In SSMS, you can use the Backup Devices folder within the Server Objects folder.
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Figure 10-29
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Dim shipTo As String = Console.ReadLine()
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To complete some of the following exercises, you must connect to an exter nal Web site while logged on as Administrator. In a production environment, however, you should avoid exposing your computer to the Internet as much as possible while logged on as Administrator. As an alternative, you can perform administrative tasks by using the Runas command while you are logged on as a user who does not have administrative privileges.
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@query_result_width Specifies the number of characters to be included in a single line when formatting the result set. The default is 256 characters, but you can set this option to anything between 10 and 32767. This argument is ignored if you do not specify @query. @query_result_separator Specifies the character to be used to separate columns in the result set. The default value is a space. @exclude_query_output
The company you work for is named Contoso Pharmaceuticals. Users complain that every time they create a document in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or another Microsoft Office application, the company name is underlined because it is believed to be mis spelled. Users want this behavior to stop. In addition, users want the entire company
Plug and Play Printers
In addition to running Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter to optimize the performance of your mobile PC, you can investigate the integrity of the files stored on your hard disk by running the Error Checking utility. When you use your hard drive, it can develop bad sectors. Bad sectors tend to spread when Windows tries to write data to them, eventually slowing down hard disk performance and sometimes making data writing (such as file saving) difficult, or even impossible. The Error Checking utility scans the whole partition or drive for bad sectors and scans for file system errors to see whether certain files or folders are misplaced. Sooner or later, hard disks get bad sectors. If you use your computer daily, you should try to run this utility weekly to help prevent data loss. In this exercise, you will run the Error Checking utility on your mobile PC to search for and identify any bad sectors on your hard disk, and then attempt to recover them if any exist.
MsgBox("Please load the XML file first")
Never Check For Updates (Not Recommended) Windows Update does not check for updates, but updates can still be checked for and installed manually. Give Me Recommended Updates The Same Way I Receive Important Updates This means that Recommended Updates are treated in the same manner as Important Updates. Optional updates still need to be installed manually. Allow All Users To Install Updates On This Computer This option is enabled by default. If you disable this option, only user accounts that are members of the local Administrators group can install updates.
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 2, Evaluating the Physical Design. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
5. Disconnect from the Internet, turn off all antivirus software, turn off all screen sav ers, and close all running programs (except Disk Defragmenter). 6. To defragment the volume, select Defragment. Close all dialog boxes and win dows when the process is complete.
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