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Lesson Review
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The Allow Log On Through Terminal Services user right
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Lesson 1: Defining Behavioral Contracts
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CASE Functions
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Contoso, Ltd. has five locations. The headquarters is located in Wangaratta, and there are branch offices in Wodonga, Wagga Wagga, Traralgon, and Moonee Ponds. Contoso has a single Microsoft Windows Server 2003 functional-level domain called contoso.internal. There are five Active Directory sites, one for each of Contoso s locations. Branch offices are connected to headquarters over a virtual private network (VPN). You have recently installed ISA Server 2004 at the Wangaratta and Traralgon sites. The Wodonga, Wagga Wagga, and Moonee Ponds sites are currently using Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0. All client computers at Contoso use Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional as their operating system. All client computers at Contoso are members of the Clients OU. All employees at Contoso are members of the Engineers, Marketing, Management, or Production OU. You wish to deploy the ISA Server 2004 clients using Active Directory. Which of the following strategies should you employ (Choose the correct answer.) A. Create a GPO and link it to the Contoso.internal domain. Set the GPO to assign the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client software. B. Create a GPO and link it to the Clients OU. Set the GPO to assign the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client software. C. Create a GPO and link it to the Wangaratta and Traralgon sites. Set the GPO to assign the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client software. D. Create a GPO and link it to the Engineers, Marketing, Managers, and Production OUs. Set the GPO to assign the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client software.
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On the Specify The Training Data page, select the appropriate check boxes to define CustomerKey as a key column (selected by default); BikeBuyer as an input and predictable column; and Age, CommuteDistance, EnglishEducation, EnglishOccupation, Gender, HouseOwnerFlag, MaritalStatus, NumberCarsOwned, NumberChildrenAtHome, Region, TotalChildren, and YearlyIncome as input columns. Click Next. On the Specify Columns Content And Data Type page, click Detect. Notice that the wizard detected that the Age and Yearly Income attributes are of the continuous content type. Click Next. On the Create Testing Set page, you can specify the percentage of the data or number of cases for the test set (that is, the holdout data, data that is not used for training). Use the default splitting, using 30 percent of the data as a test set. Click Next. Type tK448 ch09 Prediction as the name of the mining structure and tK448 ch09 prediction Decision trees as the name of the model. Click Finish to close the wizard and open the Data Mining Designer. Save the project. Do not close BIDS.
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Troubleshooting Lab and Summary
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Exercise 5: Configuring a New Domain Name Set
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By default, the attributes stored in the Global Catalog are those most frequently used in search operations (such as a user s first and last name, logon name, and so forth) and those necessary to locate a full replica of the object. As a result, you can use the Global Catalog to locate objects anywhere in the network without replication of all domain information between domain controllers.
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Click Next to confirm the installation. Configure Packages screen. Click Next to accept the values already defined in the configuration files.
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The image files you will be deploying to the target computers are typically several gigabytes in size, so the amount of bandwidth available between the build server and the target computers is an important consideration. MDT 2010 is not designed to deploy target computers over wireless networks or relatively slow wide area network (WAN) links. Attempts to perform deployments over slow links would take an inordinately long time and likely flood those links, preventing any other traffic from using them.
InPrivate filtering restricts the information about a browsing session that can be tracked by external third parties. For example, many Web sites display advertisements that they do not host themselves; the ads are hosted by an advertisement serving company. Through traffic analysis, these advertisement-serving companies can track a browsing session across multiple Web sites even if the Web sites that you are visiting have no direct relationship with one another. When you enable InPrivate Filtering, Internet Explorer blocks this type of tracking after it determines that a particular third-party site has tracked your activity over a threshold number of Web sites. As with InPrivate Browsing, you must enable InPrivate Filtering during each session. This threshold value can be set by the user or administrator to a figure between 3 and 30 sites through the InPrivate Filtering Settings dialog box, available from the Safety menu of Internet Explorer, as shown in Figure 5-23.
Complete the following task for your boss: 1. Write an application that meets the technical requirements, and show your work.
2. Click the Reset Menu And Toolbar Usage Data button. 3. Click Yes to configure the menu and toolbar reset, and then
As you saw in 3, Creating Tables, Constraints, and User-Defined Types, creating tables is the first step of building a useful database. You then need to add data to the tables. However, if you never retrieve the data in the table, you are simply wasting storage space. SQL Server does not need to have indexes on a table to retrieve data. It can simply scan a table to find the piece of data that is requested. However, most organizations store massive amounts of data in a table and need to be able to retrieve data instantly. To allow rapid data retrieval while ensuring that performance does not decline as users add rows to a table, you need to add indexes to your tables. Indexes are not a new concept or strictly a database concept. We use indexes every day. At the back of this book, you will find an index in printed form. If you wanted to read about full-text indexes to prepare for your exam, you could find the information in two different ways. You could open this book, start at page 1, and scan each page until you found the information you needed. Or you could turn to the index at the back of the book, locate full-text indexing, and then go directly to the corresponding page or pages that discuss this topic. You find the information either way, but using the index is much more efficient. In this chapter, you will explore how SQL Server builds and uses indexes to ensure fast data retrieval and performance stability. You will then learn how to build clustered, nonclustered, and covering indexes on your tables to achieve the optimal balance between speed and required index maintenance overhead.
Objective 1.4
// C# XmlTextReader aReader;
organization, but will also result in update traffic only being passed once across the ISDN BRI links. This solution meets management s criteria.
Lesson 4: Importing Bulk XML Data
Accessing Your Office Computer by Using Remote Desktop
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