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To download and install Service Pack 2 and all high priority updates
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Caching is the ability of the ISA Server 2004 to retrieve and store cacheable Web content so that, the next time a client requests the same content, it can be retrieved from the cache file to provide faster response and reduce bandwidth consumption. Content download jobs allow you to prepopulate the ISA Server cache content. ISA Server also enables Web proxy chaining that can allow branch offices to take advantage of a larger cache maintained at head office and use it to build up cached content at the branch office. Caching is not enabled by default on ISA Server 2004. To enable caching, you need to configure a cache drive. You can also configure cache rules to specify custom rules for how content is downloaded from a specific Web site. Content download jobs are configured on a site-by-site basis. When you configure content download jobs, you can specify what Web sites are downloaded as well as configure settings for how the content is cached.
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and so on. You can use a text editor to generate the file directly, or you can type the lines into spreadsheet rows with one cell for each variable and value and save this as a CSV file. There are no special symbols and no special formatting. About the only thing you need to remember is not to put spaces after the commas or at the end of lines. The commands based on the Get-Mailbox cmdlet are not particularly complex. You can specify a lot of parameters, but each parameter has its own defined function, there is not a high degree of interdependency, and you typically do not need to worry about the order in which you define them. The same can be said of commands based on the New-Mailbox and Set-Mailbox cmdlets. You ve used the commands before you re simply using them with parameter values extracted from a CSV file. Remember that if you re piping the output from such commands into another command, you can first run the command without the pipe and check that the output is what you expected. Finally, the command that actually does something with the output of another command piped into it is also relatively straightforward. You ve used, for example, the Move-Mailbox cmdlet before in the previous lesson. It has a number of parameters, but most of them are reasonably self-explanatory. So the large, complex problem is broken down into three small problems. In the previous example, you get the CSV file correct, ensure that the command based on the Get-Mailbox cmdlet gives the output you expect, and then feed that output into the command based on the Move-Mailbox cmdlet. You ve done all three before. Bulk management really is much easier than it looks.
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Lesson 3: Configuring Replication Security
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can
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that can be used to manage multiple values in one key. NUMERIC. Displays a text box with an optional spin control that accepts a numeric value. The value is a REG_DWORD value. TEXT. Displays a line of static text. It stores no data in the registry and is useful for adding help to the dialog box. Keywords This is information specific to each type of part. See the sections following this for more information about these keywords. Subkey This is an optional subkey of HKLM or HKCU to use for the category. Do not include either root key in the path, though, because the preceding CLASS keyword specifies which of these root keys to use. If you specify a subkey, all subcategories, policies, and parts use it unless they specifically provide a subkey of their own. Enclose names that contain spaces in double quotes. Default This is the default value for the part. When you enable the policy, the policy editor fills the control with the default value. Use a default value that's appropriate for the part's type. Value This is the registry value to modify. The value type and data depend entirely on the part's type. Example Listing 6 9: example.adm
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The result from the execution of these statements is that tracing information (in the form of the two strings) is sent out for anybody to receive and process. However, this simple statement is not the only way to accomplish this task. It is also possible to produce tracing information by using the TraceSource class. In this case, the TraceSource object is instantiated using a string value that represents the name of the source. After it s created, the TraceSource object can send trace information in the same manner as the Trace class:
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1. Correct Answers: A, B, and D A. Correct: Creating layers can increase reuse. A business logic only layer, for example, might allow other systems to access this information. Other applications can leverage a database abstraction class or application services code.
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Figure 3-2 FxCop discovers that specific exceptions are not caught. code 128 font
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Lesson 2: Authorization and Impersonation
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Computer Do not detect slow HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\SlowLinkDetectEnabled Configuration\Administrative network connections Templates\System\User Profiles Computer Slow network Configuration\Administrative connection timeout Templates\System\User Profiles for user profiles HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\SlowLinkTimeOut
Modifying, Creating, and Deleting User Accounts
dtutil /SourceS localhost /SQL srcPackage /MOVE /DestS desthost SQL;destPackage
2. Which role membership level is the minimum necessary to subscribe to a publication (Choose all that apply.) A. db_datareader at the publishing database B. db_owner at the publishing database C. db_datawriter at the Subscriber database D. db_owner at the Subscriber database
USE AdventureWorks GO SELECT NationalIDNumber, Title FROM HumanResources.Employee WHERE ManagerID = 109
Determining a component s interface is a matter of understanding the consumers of a component, what kind of lifetime the component has, and what the style of interface on other components in the system is. Determining how to implement features of a component depends on what functionality is needed. Extending an existing component, composing a new component by mixing other components, or writing a component from scratch are the three options from which to choose.
dsrm "CN=Public Relations,OU=Marketing,DC=contoso,DC=com"
Configuring DHCP Servers and Clients
In the search engine text box, type 70-680 and then click the search button. This should produce a result similar to that shown in Figure 12-35.
Exercise 1: Verify DNS Forwarding Information
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