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10. On the Move Schedule page, specify that the mailboxes should be moved immediately, as shown in Figure 5-11. Click Next.
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Warm standby
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Queue Type Machine journal queue Machine dead-letter queue Machine transactional dead-letter queue
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Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance. In the Performance and Maintenance window, click System.
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The expand option performs the magic of expanding nested groups members. Similarly, the Dsget command can be used to retrieve a complete list of groups to which a user or computer belongs, again by using the expand option in the following commands:
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For Each item As MyReportServer.CatalogItem In catalogItems If item.Type = MyReportServer.ItemTypeEnum.Report And Not item.Hidden Then mnuItem = New ToolStripMenuItem(item.Name) AddHandler mnuItem.Click, AddressOf mnuReportItem_Click mnuReports.DropDownItems.Add(mnuItem) End If Next
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Cluster continuous replication (CCR)
true, and the response from the service includes an ActivityId, the service s value indicates the activity associated with any further trace messages. Activity Tracing Disabled The second part of the propagation puzzle is when the ServiceModel activity tracing is disabled (ActivityTracing=false). Again, the value of the propagateActivity flag in the service model must be considered as well. When propagateActivity is set to true, the behavior on the client and the service are the same. However, the behavior applies to user-generated traces only. Traces that come out of the ServiceModel class will not be part of the same activity. As the request is being formed (or the response is being built), the ActivityId in TLS will be used for any traces. As soon as the request passes into the ServiceModel classes, the ActivityId will not appear in any traces. However, the user-generated ActivityId will be included in the headers for the message. On the receiving end, the ActivityId is pulled from the message as soon as the message object is created. That ActivityId will be used for any user-generated traces. However, it will not appear in any traces that are created in the ServiceModel classes unless the traces are executed in the same thread as the user-generated code. The purpose for these gyrations is to allow user-created activities to be propagated in the same manner as ServiceModel activities. It does not guarantee that the ServiceModel traces will be in the same activity as the user-generated traces, although it might be in some cases.
Answers will vary widely, but following are some of the types of activities that each level will handle:
Anonymous FTP authentication Gives users access to the public areas of your FTP site without prompting them for a user name or password. Basic FTP authentication Requires users to log on with a user name and password corresponding to a valid Windows user account.
Users running Windows XP Professional must be members of the Administrators or Power Users group to install a printer, and must have permission to load and unload device drivers.
C. Incorrect: If the primary database is in a read-only state, transactions cannot be issued against it, so it is incompatible with database mirroring. D. Incorrect: The database cannot be placed in Bulk-Logged recovery model while participating in database mirroring.
256 RAM
Using the command-line utility RSKeyMgmt.exe, you can also add a report server instance to an existing report server scale-out environment. To do this, you would use the set of parameters in Table 13-6 to add and remove SSRS instances to help manage a scale-out SSRS deployment. These share the /i and /t parameters described earlier in Table 13-4. The difference here is that you can reference a remote SSRS instance that you want to add or remove from a scale-out deployment.
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Lesson Summary
Initiating the Drag-and-Drop Operation
Lesson 1: Understanding Connection Types . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-2
You can modify some default settings in the Backup Or Restore Wizard for a specific backup job. For example, the default backup type is normal, but you can change it to another backup type in the Backup Or Restore Wizard. However, the next time that you run the Backup Or Restore Wizard, the default backup type (normal) is selected.
Recipients This search filter uses the recipient-address field. Multiple individual recipients that are included in a single message are logged by using a single
In this practice, you will install IIS and configure a new Web site and virtual directory.
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