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Enable Active Desktop
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: The Sysprep tool is used for creating installation images of Windows XP Professional that include other applications such as Office 2003; it is not used for creating user accounts or user profiles. B. Incorrect: It is not necessary to manually create local user profiles for the reasons explained in answer D. C. Incorrect: Hardware profiles are used when computers are regularly moved between markedly distinct hardware environments, for example, docked and undocked profiles for a laptop computer. Hardware profiles have nothing to do with individual user data or settings, so creating unique hardware profiles does not address the requirements outlined in the question. D. Correct: When the users log on to the computer for the first time, a new user profile is created for them under the Documents And Settings folder located on the system volume. The profile automatically retains their user settings, and a folder called My Documents is created within their profile. Most Windows-compatible programs automatically try to store documents at this location.
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Domain Name And DNS Servers
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Exercise 2: Installing Windows XP Professional from an Existing Operating System
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c. Incorrect: The Operate phase defines processes that occur after the MDT 2010 deployment
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Figure 9-46
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Page 5-45
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ISA Server Default Configuration
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' VB ' Create a record (DataRow) to add to the table.
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Encryption and hashing are discussed in depth in 12, User and Data Security, and such techniques should be employed unless security is not an issue.
HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Psched\ DiffservByteMappingNonConforming\ServiceTypeQualitative
1. Log on to Windows XP. 2. On the Start menu, select Run. In the Run dialog box, in the Open text box, type iexplore - nohome and press ENTER. 3. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, select Internet Options. 4. In Internet Explorer, on the Standard toolbar, click the Home button. 5. On the Tools menu, select Internet Options. 6. In the Internet Options dialog box, on the General tab, in the Home Page section, click Use Blank. Click OK.
Lessons in this chapter:
Table 13-1 Queue Types, Description, and Syntax of the Pathname
Lesson 2
SELECT TOP 1000 t.[LastName], t.[FirstName], [Bike Buyer], PredictProbability([Bike Buyer],1) AS DTPredictProbability, t.[Gender], t.[NumberCarsOwned] FROM [TK448 Ch09 Prediction Decision Trees] PREDICTION JOIN OPENQUERY([Adventure Works DW2008], 'SELECT [LastName], [FirstName], [Gender], [NumberCarsOwned] FROM [dbo].[ProspectiveBuyer]') AS t ON [Gender] = t.[Gender] AND [Number Cars Owned] = t.[NumberCarsOwned] WHERE [Bike Buyer] = 1 ORDER BY PredictProbability([Bike Buyer],1) DESC;
Lesson 2: Assembly Attributes
Symmetric Algorithm Classes in the .NET Framework
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