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With mixed authentication mode (technically known as SQL Server and Windows authentication mode), users connect to SQL Server through SQL Server logins or Windows accounts. If a user attempting to connect has a valid SQL Server login, the connection is accepted. If a user does not have a valid SQL Server login, SQL Server verifies the user s Windows account information. If the Windows account has suffi cient permissions to connect to SQL Server, the connection is then accepted.
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Lesson 3: Saving and Retrieving BLOB Values in a Database
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Right-click an existing table within the DSV, and then select New Named Calculation. In the Create Named Calculation dialog box, give the calculation a name and a description, and then in the Expression field, enter the SQL expression that will generate the needed result. Click OK to save the new named calculation.
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VB myReader.MoveToAttribute("length") MsgBox(myReader.Value) // C# myReader.MoveToAttribute("length"); MessageBox.Show(myReader.Value);
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More than likely, your referral cache file contains two URLs, which specify the loca tion exposed to the outside world and the location known only by your company. The following is a sample referral cache file that directs requests made to a Web service of Company A to the destination service located on the Company B server:
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6. 7.
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"VB ChannelServices.UnregisterChannel(httpChannel)
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Be careful when handling database concurrency issues
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A text record to include with the Responsible Person record
The Log File Viewer allows you to view logs from SQL Server, the SQL Server Agent, and Database Mail. It also allows you to view all the Windows NT event logs. Searching the logs for particular error codes can help quickly diagnose problems. The disk management folder of the Computer Management console is the first place you should look when you suspect a problem with a disk or volume. The folder will display icons indicating problems with disks. CHKDSK can be used to diagnose and repair volumes, and RAM and processor problems usually cause STOP errors. The installation of new hardware or drivers can cause problems on a server and should be done only when due consideration is given to the effects the changes might have. By using the Services console, you can alter the account a service runs under, a service s startup type, and how the service reacts when it fails. It is also possible to examine a service s dependencies by using this console. The SQL Server Agent is responsible for running scheduled jobs. If this agent fails, backup jobs and SSIS packages will not execute.
You use constraints to enforce additional business rules within a table. You can use constraints to ensure that duplicate values cannot be entered into a column or that a column can allow only values that meet a specified condition. You can use constraints to enforce complex pattern matching such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is used to uniquely identify every vehicle. You can also create constraints to ensure that a value cannot be entered in one table unless it already exists in another table, for example, not allowing an address to be entered unless a customer already exists for the address.
Configuring Auditing Auditing allows you to monitor which users and groups access specific files and folders. You most likely do not want to monitor who accesses every document in your organization; you are most likely to use auditing only on sensitive documents. For example, you would use auditing to track who accessed the spreadsheet containing employee salaries, but you would not use auditing to track who accessed the break room cleanup roster. Auditing can tell you who opened a document, who modified a document, and who tried to open a document and failed. You can audit the use of any of the special permissions listed in Table 8-2. You can perform auditing only on volumes that are formatted using the NTFS file system. The audit policies in Windows 7 allow a greater degree of granularity in tracking audit events compared to the audit policies in previous versions of Windows. For example, in Windows XP, you could audit nine broad event categories: in Windows 7, there are 53 different event categories. This allows you to be more specific about the types of events you audit. To configure auditing to track which users access specific files and folders on clients running Windows 7, do the following: Open the Local Group Policy Editor and navigate to the Computer Configuration\ Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options node and set the Audit: Force Audit Policy Subcategory Settings (Windows Vista Or Later) To Override Audit Policy Category Settings policy to Enabled. 2. In the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to the Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\System Audit Policies Local Group Policy Object\Object Access node and set the Audit File System policy, as shown in Figure 8-27. 1.
Klist Tgt displays the TGT tickets. Klist Tickets displays all tickets. Klist Purge deletes all tickets in the cache.
Using Included Columns and Index Depth
Smart displays
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If you started with a clean hard disk and installed Windows XP Professional in 2, these disk maintenance tools will probably not find much to clean up or repair.
You can also back up the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\OAB directory on Client Access servers that contain the local cached copy of the OAB f iles. This action is not essential, but doing so makes it unnecessary to replicate all the OAB f iles from the mailbox server when the Client Access server is brought back online after disaster recovery and saves time when recovering a Client Access server.
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