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Draw Quick Response Code in .NET Understanding Group Policy Deployment Components

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Change the Recovery Model
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To create a default event handler
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Working with Transact-SQL
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Configuring Recipients, Groups, and Mailboxes
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Lesson 1: The Goals of Exception Handling
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Managing Printers 12-13
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How ISA Server Works as a Back-End Firewall
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The User Account Control dialog box prompting for administrative credentials
In some cases, you may want to perform an unattended installation of ISA Server. There are several scenarios in which you may want to use an unattended, rather than a manual, installation of ISA Server 2004:
Lesson 1
1. On ISA1, in ISA Server Management Console, click Monitoring. 2. Click the Reports tab. 3. In the Task pane, click Generate a New Report. The New Report Wizard starts. 4. On the Welcome To The New Report Wizard page, type Daily Report and click Next. 5. On the Report Content page, ensure that all the check boxes for the report content are selected. Click Next. 6. On the Report Period page, in the Start Date box, select the date on which this course started. Click Next. 7. On the Report Publishing page, click Next. 8. On the Send E-Mail Notification page, click Next. 9. Click Finish to close the wizard. 10. Wait until the Daily Report status is Completed and then double-click the report. In the Internet Explorer dialog box, view the information that is provided in the report and then close the report.
Windows Server 2003 is an incremental update to the platform and technologies introduced in Windows 2000. If you are coming to Windows Server 2003 with experience from Windows 2000 servers, you will find the transition a relatively easy one. If your experience is with Microsoft Windows NT 4, welcome to the new world! But don t let the incremental nature of the updates mislead you; behind the upgrades are significant and long-awaited improvements to the security and reliability of the operating system and to the administrative toolset. In many books, this would be the place where you would get a laundry list of new features. Actually, the Windows Server 2003 list is extensive and there are features that make upgrading to Windows Server 2003 an obvious choice for almost any administrator. However, the particular features that appeal to you might be different from those that appeal to another IT professional. You might be drawn to the significant features and improvements added to Active Directory, the new tools to support popular but complex Group Policy Objects (GPOs), the enhancements to enterprise security, the improvements to Terminal Services, or a number of other enhanced capabilities of the new operating system. If you are considering a move to Windows Server 2003, take a good look through the Microsoft Web site for the platform, at, and judge for yourself which improvements are, in your environment, truly significant.
Policy & Control
Lesson 1: Supporting and Troubleshooting Hard Disks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-2
multiple-document interface (MDI) A user
In the following exercise, you create and assign an IPSec policy, only to discover that the two computers cannot communicate at all. You can use a number of steps and tools to troubleshoot an IPSec policy, as described in the following list.
VPN Authentication Method Options
Troubleshooting Update Problems
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