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C. Lower power consumption D. No risk of data loss E. Does not consume hard disk space
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Now that the policy has been created, you must add it into the WCF pipeline. 10. In Solution Explorer, double-click the app.config file in the DemoService project. 11. Locate the behaviors section. You will see that a behavior is already defined with a name of DemoService.HeaderServiceBehavior. Because you are dealing with the authorization process, using the serviceAuthorization element makes sense. Within that element, authorizationPolicies includes a list of the classes that implement IAuthorizationPolicy. Inclusion in this list indicates to WCF that the policy should be processed. 12. Add the following XML within the behavior element.
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First, create and share a folder in which to store all home folders on a network server. Second, for the shared folder, remove the default Full Control permission from the Everyone group and assign Full Control to the Users group for users that will reside in this shared folder. Third, provide the path to the user s home folder in the shared home directory folder on the Profile tab of the Properties dialog box for the user account.
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Your manager shows up and asks you the following questions: 1. Which classes or interfaces will you use to implement the custom authentication mechanism 2. How will you restrict access to the AddBill method 3. How will you restrict access to the PayBill method
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Lesson 1: Configuration Settings
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DNS zone transfer A malicious user executes a zone transfer to gather a list of all the host names in a domain. This filter detects when an Internet user attempts to execute a zone transfer from an internal DNS server through ISA Server.
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Gather Information for Logging
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B. Correct: By restoring the computer to an earlier restore point, you might be able to remove the settings that are causing problems on the computer. Hopefully, Windows XP automatically created a restore point when James ran the update. C. Incorrect: Use the Last Known Good Configuration only if the system becomes unbootable. In this case, it could not possibly help because James has already logged into the computer. The Last Known Good Configuration settings are overwritten each time a user successfully logs in. D. Incorrect: Safe mode is a valuable tool for repairing a system that is having problems booting. However, use it only after the system has failed and you can no longer boot normally. E. Incorrect: The Recovery Console can salvage systems that are otherwise completely unbootable. Because James computer does boot successfully, using Recovery Console is unnecessary. You can perform your troubleshooting from a standard Windows session.
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D. Rooslan should edit a GPO and configure the Windows Update properties. The
A second server with Windows Server 2003 installed as ISA1 and configured as a domain member in the cohovineyard.com domain. ISA Server Standard Edition should be installed on this server, which should also have two network interfaces installed. The external interface should be connected to a network that contains one or more Web servers. If possible, the network interface should be attached to the Internet. A Microsoft Windows XP computer installed as CLIENT1. This computer should be a member of the cohovineyard.com domain.
Deny Logon Locally Allow Logon Through Terminal Services
Figure 12-9: Updates for other Microsoft products Configuring Windows Update to Use a Proxy Server Occasionally, on networks that have specific firewall and proxy configurations, Windows Update clients are unable to contact the Microsoft Update servers on the Internet. There are several ways to deal with this problem. The first is to deploy a WSUS server on the local area network (LAN) and have the clients download updates from the WSUS server. When setting up the WSUS server, you can configure it to use the proxy. Alternatively, it is possible to configure a client running Windows 7 manually so that Windows Update can communicate with the Microsoft Update servers through the proxy. Although you can configure Internet Explorer to use a proxy through Internet Options, Windows Update cannot use these settings directly. You can configure clients running Windows 7 to determine proxy settings in two ways:
Object Pooling
Lesson 1
This section contains a list of supplemental readings divided by objective. If you feel you need additional preparation before taking the exam, study these sources thoroughly. Objective 2.1 Review 3, User Accounts, which focuses on the creation and management of user accounts and user profiles. Review 4, Group Accounts, which contains additional information on automated creation of groups, group type and scope, and nesting groups. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit. Volume: Designing a Managed Environment. Redmond, Washington: Microsoft Press, 2003. This volume can be found on the Microsoft Web site at: http://www.microsoft.com /windowsserver2003/techinfo/reskit/deploykit.mspx. Objective 2.2 Review 5, Computer Accounts, which contains information about creating computer accounts through manual and automated means, various methods of joining the computer accounts to a domain, and resetting the password on a computer account. Microsoft Corporation. Windows Server 2003 Help and Support Center. Review Manage Computers. Objective 2.3 Review 4, Group Accounts, which focuses on the creation and management of user accounts and user profiles.
Case Scenario: Optimizing Locking
1 Review
Websites that collect personal information typically publish privacy policies that describe how the site uses this information. You should advise users to read the privacy statement carefully before entering any personal information into an unfamiliar website. Users need to look for conditions, such as allowing the website to share information with others or the requirement that they should accept unsolicited e-mail messages or advertising. Privacy policies are usually found in the website s Help section. If you want to read the privacy policies of one of the world s best known online sales sites, access http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/privacy-policy .html and http://pages.ebay.com/securitycenter/privacy_central.html. You can also access the privacy policy for a specific webpage by clicking Page in IE7+ and selecting Web Page Privacy Policy. This opens the Privacy Report dialog box, which gives you a list of the items that the site you have accessed owns. You can then select a webpage item and click Summary. Typically, however, a website s Help page gives you more information than the IE7+ privacy report feature. Clicking the Settings button in the Privacy Report dialog box lets you view the privacy settings on your computer. You need to advise users that even though a website has a privacy statement, this does not mean that the web service provider will not misuse information. Users should not give personal information to a website they do not trust.
Lesson 4: Configuring Alerts
<authorization> <allow users="Eric, Sam"/> <deny users= /> </authorization>
In this practice, you will use the ACL editor to secure resources, evaluate effective permissions, and transfer ownership of files. Be certain that you have configured the user and group accounts outlined in this chapter s Before You Begin section.
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